Senior Spotlight: Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas has been through many challenges, but senior year is definitely a roller coaster for him.

Dimond Senior Brandon Thomas said, “Senior year has been the most difficult year, but also the most enjoyable.”

Through his high school career so far, Brandon Thomas had a GPA of 3.46 and is still thriving to finish his senior year with good grades.

Other than academics, Brandon is very involved in Dimond High School’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (JROTC).

Thomas said, “I’ve been in JROTC for four years now and I’m still trying my best to get through it being a senior.”

Dimond High School’s JROTC Program has been a very important part of his high school career.

Dimond Junior Chris Bulfa said, “Brandon is one of the top three important people in JROTC, and I look up to him. Right now he’s the Lynx Battalion Command Sergeant Major, and I am hoping that next year he will recommend me to take his place.”

Not only is Brandon a part of the top three important people in JROTC, but he is also the commander for this school years’ 2015-2016 Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team.

Thomas said, “Having to deal with being a big part of JROTC and also keeping up with my academics is very stressful, but I try my best to be the happy person that I am. I would say that my friends are a big part of keeping me happy and my normal self.”

Senior Henry Downey said, “I’ve known Brandon for five years now and he is definitely one of my closest friends. My favorite part about him is the fact that he can be an adult one second but the next second he could be a two year old kid playing with a lightsaber.”

Sophomore Sydney Sears said, “I’ve known Brandon since 7th grade and it has been too long. When I first met him I could not stand him. He was the most annoying boy out there. But since then I have come to love him, but also hate him at the same time.

Other than school and JROTC, Brandon has many hobbies.

Thomas said, “One of the things that I really love to do is play with lightsabers. Star Wars is one of my favorite movie series and will definitely be a part of my life forever. I know it is childish, but I love to collect lightsabers. If I could, I would make Star Wars a part of everything I do.”

Brandon Thomas is a 17-year-old boy, but still has the heart and soul of a child.

His mother, Tiffany Thomas, said, “Brandon is a great young man and I am very proud of his accomplishments. I’ve watched him go from a baby to a gentlemen, but in my eyes I still see him as the little boy that used to poke holes in his sandwiches.”

After graduating Dimond High School, Brandon Thomas hopes to attend a Coast Guard Academy or join the Merchant Marine Program through the Coast Guard.

Tiffany Thomas said, “Brandon is a very dedicated person and tries very hard to make time for everything and everyone.”

Sears said, “Brandon Thomas is very responsible and independent. I know that he will go far in life and I am very proud of him.”

Brandon’s high school career will always be remembered by the people who love and care for him the most.