Senior Spotlight: Meghan Lindbeck

Being a senior at Dimond High School and a four-year JROTC cadet, Meghan Lindbeck has met many different people.

One of her teachers for the past four years, Master Sgt. Thomas Shelley the Senior Army Instructor for Dimond JROTC, said, “I’ve known Meghan since her first day of high school.”

An acquaintance since elementary school, Selena Chavez, a junior said, “I’ve known who Meghan was since kindergarten but we never really talked until my freshman year. Now we’re best friends.”

Senior Henry Downey, Lindbeck’s boyfriend, said, “I’ve known Meghan for four years and I’ve always loved her ability to make things fun.”

Another good friend of Meghan is Senior Brandon Thomas, who said, “I’ve known Meghan since kindergarten. We were both in the Japanese immersion. I don’t really know what my favorite thing about Meghan would be. I mean she has nice hair?”

Everyone has their own personality and Lindbeck is a very driven student and unique friend with a big competitive streak.

Shelley said, “She’s a very good student and I think she has excelled in her high school career.”

People, of course, also have free time and Chavez said, “We like to go on long drives together with our cats. She also likes her cat way too much.”

Lindbeck, when talking about her high school experience, said, “High school has been filled with a lot of learning, but it will help me in the long run.”

Everyone has a favorite quality about a person.

Junior Mia Howard said, “My favorite thing about Meghan is that she’s always positive in some way about basically anything.”

There are many high school activities to participate in and Lindbecksaid, “Other than JROTC I only played two sports at this school. Swimming for two years, sophomore and senior, and track my junior year.”

In fact Lindbeck is renowned in JROTC for being the top girl cadet for all the PT events.

Shelley, the main trainer for the PT teams,  said, “I love her competitive spirit.”

Approaching the end of her senior year Lindbeck has quite a few plans for college and a vague idea of what she wants to do after high school.

Lindbeck said, “My plan for college is to go to a state university on the east coast, major in nursing and participate in the JROTC program. I don’t have set plans for after college but my overall goal is to be happy. I want to be able to stay in touch with my old friends from high school, have a job that I like and to be successful.”

Where her additional free time is concerned, Lindbeck said, “I like to hang out with my friends, go driving (sometimes with my cat), and go do JROTC stuff like the PT events, drill and the lock-in.

Four years of high school can seem like forever when you’re actually participating in it, but when you’ve finished and are looking back it goes by in a flash.