Senior Spotlight: Morgan Byrne

Morgan Byrne is a Senior at Dimond High School this year.


Her cumulative weighted GPA is 4.07 and she has taken multiple rigorous Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career.


Byrne said, “I like being able to choose my classes and challenge myself with AP classes.”


Tami Suenram, a senior and long-time friend of Byrne said, “Morgan helps me with my homework and is good at explaining things.”


Lem Wheeles, Byrne’s Social Studies teacher of two years and Model United Nations advisor, said, “Morgan is never afraid to ask a question and the questions she asks are insightful and on point.”


Besides taking a full load of hard classes, Byrne has been involved in several extracurricular activities including Model UN, Key Club, National Honor Society and advanced Symphonic Orchestra.


Senior Christine Petersen, a friend of Byrne and fellow MUN participant, said, “Morgan is a good person to have on your country in Model UN.  She’s prepared and really knows her stuff.”


Her involvement in school sports includes Junior Varsity tennis and soccer and four years of Varsity Riflery, earning four state titles with her team.


John Snead, the Dimond Athletic Director and Riflery coach, said, “She has worked diligently to excel in this shoulder-to-shoulder coed sport, putting in untold hours of practice with a demonstrated ability to remain focused on goal-driven outcomes in order to be one of the best athletes in her sport.”


Heather Byrne, her mother, said, “I love watching Morgan shoot at Riflery meets.  We’ve watched her improve significantly over the four year period of high school. I’m so glad she had a sport she could enjoy while she was in high school.”


Snead said, “Morgan has always been willing to go the extra mile and help her teammates with the shooting knowledge she has obtained over the course of her career at Dimond.  The willingness to give back to her team is her greatest individual strength and will continue to produce benefits for her younger peers at Dimond for years to come.”


South Anchorage High School Junior Corbin Hartig, Byrne’s boyfriend, said, “I’m so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend. She’s been great since I met her and I really appreciate everything she does for me.”


Senior Tian Ah You said, “Morgan is very honest and straightforward, but she’s nice about it at the same time.”


Byrne is one of two members of her family who will pursue a college education.


Byrne said, “My parents are pretty smart business-wise even though they’ve never been to college.  It’s shown me that school is not the only thing that matters to success.”


Heather Byrne said, “I am so proud of my daughter.  She works so hard and I will be so sad to see her leave for college but I know she will do well.”


Byrne plans to attend Gonzaga University in the fall with a major in biology and a minor in physics.


Byrne said, “I’m going to take the prerequisites for medical school at Gonzaga and then I plan to go to medical school or graduate school for genetics or research.  I think it would be really amazing to be able to help people that way.  Also, family history makes me want to help people live better lives.”


Petersen said, “Morgan is a very caring and responsible person.  She’s a good friend and will be a huge benefit to the medical community in future years.”


Ah You said, “I see Morgan being a really hardworking and conscientious scientist in a white lab coat when she’s older.  She’s very diligent.”


Snead said, “She has always had a great outlook on life, a wonderful sense of humor, a beautiful smile, and has been very accepting and sympathetic towards others. She is an outstanding individual who is sincere, confident, and a person who can be depended on to face new challenges with courage and enthusiasm.”