Senior Spotlight: Junnette Launiuvao

Junnette Launiuvao is a senior at AJ Dimond High School and she has accomplished many things in her four years and made many friends to last for a long time.

Launiuvao said, “I have moved around a lot throughout my life but I have been in Alaska since my eighth grade year, which I spent at Jane Mears Middle School, and I plan to stay up here as well. I lived in Alaska one other time when I was in first grade, but obviously I left again. I lived in Texas, Utah, Hawaii, and Samoa.

A majority of her high school career, she was enrolled in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and has met many people because of it.

Launiuvao said, “I have been in JROTC for three and a half years. I originally enrolled as a freshman but dropped the class after a week because I did not want to deal with my brother being in my class. I joined back up at semester because my brother dropped the class and I have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.”

Brandon Thomas, a fellow senior, said, “I have known Junnette for three years and every single time I’m with her it’s an adventure.”

Sydney Sears, a sophomore said, “I have known Junnette for two years and I only recently started talking to her on a regular basis but she’s always fun to be around.”

Launiuvao’s plans for the future are almost completely set in stone. She has a plan all laid out.

Launiuvao said, “I am going straight into college after I graduate. I am going to UAA to stay close to my friends and family. I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering for four years getting my bachelors degree.”

Launiuvao’s friends and family are extremely proud and happy for her and will miss her when she leaves.

Thomas said, “Junnette is a very funny person, but also a very dedicated person in everything she does. She is really good with people younger than her by being fun and full of energy.”

Sears said, “Junnette is one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure of meeting. She really wants to make everyone happy and she has a really big heart. She’s compassionate and a hard worker and I admire that about her.”

Launiuvao’s mom said, “I am proud of all her accomplishments and love her deeply.”

Launiuvao has quite a few hobbies that she enjoys to do with her friends.

Launiuvao said, “My hobbies include doing some sports and doing a lot of JROTC and church related activities. I also have a job at the Regal Cinema movie theater at the mall.”

Launiuvao was on multiple school sports for various years.

Launiuvao said, “I was on varsity flag football, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling, which I was manager for as well.”

Junnette Launiuvao is an amazing person and has a brilliant future ahead of her.