Senior Spotlight: Samantha Baltierra

Throughout the years, Dimond High School students have had the honor of getting to know Samantha Baltierra.

As a child, Baltierra attended Bayshore Elementary where she excelled in academics. She then transitioned to Mears Middle School and met most of the friends she has now.

In 2012, Baltierra entered her first year of high school, where she continued to display her expertise in many areas.

Baltierra said, “My favorite subject throughout school was English, especially A.P. Language and Composition with Anne Morris. I particularly liked English classes because I was able to do well in them due to my love for literature and my willingness to pay attention.”

During Baltierra’s first years of high school, she developed a passion for volleyball.

Baltierra said, “I played volleyball on the Junior Varsity team for three years. This year I took a break from it because of all the important decisions I had to make for my future, and I wanted to take the necessary time needed to make the right choice.”

Last year, Baltierra took an interest in the Yearbook Class.

The Yearbook teacher, Cullen Lickingteller said, “Samantha contributes much needed enthusiasm to my class and a strong work ethic. If there’s something that needs to get done, I put her on it and it gets done.”

During Baltierra’s Junior year, she did excellent work helping out with the voting for senior superlatives.

Baltierra explained, “ I wasn’t sure if I would be able to participate in Yearbook at all this year, but after completing all of my English credits first semester, I was able to join during second semester.”

Lickingteller said, “She came in during second semester and we welcomed her with open arms.”

Additionally, Baltierra has participated in two years of Student Government, as the Junior Class and Senior Class President. On top of that, Baltierra might have the honor of speaking at graduation.

Baltierra said, “Since I am in Student Government, I am participating in the first year of the Peer Mentorship Program for freshmen.”

Spirit Commissioner Desttany Suaava explained, “Samantha is a great friend and a great leader in Student Government. She does everything she’s suppose to, and she has a great personality.”

Suavva continued to say, “I met Samantha in seventh grade in Honors Social Studies and we’ve been great friends ever since. She has amazing artistic abilities and a great taste in music.”

Over the course of last semester, Baltierra applied to a few colleges.

Baltierra said, “I was recently accepted to Portland State University. I have already accepted my admission and I plan to attend Portland State in the fall of 2016.

Baltierra has had many outstanding achievements at Dimond High School and is graduating with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 which sets her apart from everyone else.

Baltierra explained, “With my love for English, I plan to study some type of Liberal Arts major and possibly minor in Psychology while in college.”

In the future, Baltierra hopes to be a high school English teacher.

Baltierra said, “I have a friend who already goes to Portland State and she told me I would really love it there, and they accepted me really quick so I kinda took it as a good sign.”

Senior Hannah Peterson, Baltierra’s good friend, said, “I plan on keeping in touch with Samantha in the future, I want to see what happens in her life. She always makes me laugh, and she’s a great listener.”

Senior Hanna Daum said, “I think Samantha will be successful in everything she does at Portland State.”

Many of Baltierra’s peers expect her to accomplish many great things and be successful while attending Portland State University.