Senior Spotlight: Savannah Sears

Graduation is an event that each senior awaits anxiously to happen at the end of their senior year.

Savannah Sears, a senior, said, “It’s about time, I’m ready to graduate. I’m prepared to make my own path, and my own name in the world. It would also be fun to be able to travel the world without a permission slip.”

High school is just filled to the brim with a whole lot of memories that are made in four years.

“My favorite high school memory is the feeling of being a part of something more.”

The logical step after high school is college, but some students take different routes, like the military or go straight to work.

“I’m enlisting to the Navy because I knew I wasn’t going to meet the requirements for the ROTC Scholarship and I don’t want to pay the full tuition for college. So I want to work and get my feet on the ground first.”

Each person has a different high school experience, whether it be four years of heaven, or four years of hell.

“My high school career was very diverse I met and socialize with a lot of people that I usually wouldn’t have, and that’s because of ROTC.”

There is a lot to do in high school to keep yourself busy.

“In my freshmen year I wasn’t able to compete in any school sports, but in ROTC I participated in all the PT events. In sophomore year I tried soccer, but I didn’t like it much because everyone knew everyone and I felt like an outsider. For junior year I participated and enjoyed Flag Football because it was easier to relate to people since I knew some of them from ROTC. And this year I did Flag Football again, and Raider Cup and Triathlon for ROTC.”

Brandon Thomas, a fellow senior, says, “I knew her in middle school, so about five years, but we actually became friends at the end of our junior year. She is a very dedicated and fun person, in her own special way. We are sort of close friends, well close enough with her being my boss in ROTC and me dating her sister.”

Airelle Delos Reyes, a senior, says, “Savannah is really outgoing and adventurous. I love how she can be really playful with everyone. Ever since I have been to Dimond she has been a great friend to me and we’ve gotten close. She has a lot of personality and a great heart.”

Sydney Sears, a sophomore and Savannah’s sister, says, “Savannah is a hardworking person with an amazing personality. She has a big heart and has always been extremely compassionate. She is both intelligent and a great leader, and I’m thankful that she is in my life. She could be pushy, but it’s her way of motivating others and she is great at it. I’m so proud of her.”

Senior year is the last piece of high school and figuratively speaking, your childhood. The best way to spend it is with your friends and family.