Senior Spotlight: Alyssa Hampton

With a friendly smile and manner, Alyssa Marie Hampton is one of the nicest of Dimond’s seniors.

She is very kind and also very smart.

Dimond Senior Caroline Requa said, “She is like the happiest person I know, she always has a smile on her face.”

Her brother, Dimond Junior Andrew Hampton said, “[she is] hardworking, intelligent, sedulous…outgoing… happy, caring, joyful, stuff like that.”

Alyssa has been an active participant in both track and field and swimming.

She has also been involved in the Freshman Mentorship program.

Her GPA is 3.5

Nate Normandin, Alyssa’s AP Statistics teacher and track coach for her sophomore and junior years said, “Alyssa’s a very hard worker and she’s, very involved… She’s pretty creative as well. In sports, she is very athletic, in swimming she has gone to state I think almost every year she’s been at Dimond. Then in track and field, she did track and field last year and the year before she did really really well… the year before [last] she made state, and that was her first year running and she was only out for track for like three weeks.”

She also enjoys hiking, often at Flattop.

She has taken several AP classes, such as United States History, Biology, Japanese, Statistics, Language and Composition, Literature, Calculus and Psychology.

She enjoys electives such as Anatomy, which she took in her junior year.

She is interested in going into medicine, specifically Neurology.

She is looking at going to college and continuing her studies in Neurology and Japanese. “I am waitlisted for my first choice school, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and for the time being I am committed to Westminster College in Pennsylvania. I’d like to study Neuroscience and Japanese,” Alyssa Hampton said.

She maintains a very active life outside of school. She won Alaska’s Miss Outstanding Teen in 2014.

She is very creative and likes art. Her senior year for technical writing, she wrote a proposal to increase Dimond’s efforts to display student art by having a visual arts showcase twice a year, instead of just the one in the spring.

She also spends a lot of time with her family.

Senior Elizabeth Randall, a friend of Alyssa’s since freshman year, said, “Alyssa is very passionate and motivated, and she is a very very compassionate person. She is a very kind and thoughtful friend… She is very creative and she loves art, and literature, and things like that. And she’s really good at artistic touches on things. [Also,] she cares about her family a lot. She’s very dedicated and loyal.”

As a senior this year, she was voted Most Likely to be Successful.

For her senior quote, Alyssa wrote, “Be humble in your confidence, yet courageous in your character.”

In closing Alyssa said, “I think it’s good to do as much as you can while you’re in high school, even if it’s not with your school just get as much experience as you can because for a lot of people this is the only time where they have the freedom to do that.”