Senior Spotlight: Nicholas Johansen

Dimond High School has a very diverse group of students that come and go for years to come, with each person being unique and different in their own way.

Nick Johansen just enforces this fact.

Although he has a wide range of Interests and skills, one of his notable talents is his work in the math field.

With him almost being done with high school in just a couple days, he is taking AP Calculus BC as his math class, which is the highest math class you can take at Dimond High. He also has won first place, back to back in the last two years of Dimond’s math competition.

Many people think of Nick as a smart guy and someone to look up to.

Senior Lucas Katz said, “Nicholas is really smart and he always puts his best foot forward for others. He is always a pleasure to be around.”

Senior Keith Harvey said, “Nick is the only reason I was even able to get a B in my engineering class. He kept me going even though it was senior year.”

Johansen is also a rare exception to something that many seniors suffer from.

I’ve talked to a variety seniors at Dimond high that have told me that getting motivation as a senior is very hard because you know that high school is almost over, so hey slack off a lot and tend to not get as much work done as they usually have done in past years.

Nick however seems to be an exception to this by explaining that he hasn’t lost any motivation throughout his high school career and has stayed a hard worker, and even goes as far as to help others that lack motivation, or understanding of a subject.

At home Nick spends a lot of time making youtube videos or streaming on twitch. He has said that he has run over his internet bill many times to prices sometimes over $200.

On Twitch and Youtube he goes by the name PND (PikachuNarutoDude). He has over 550 Youtube videos which he started back in 7th grade and has active streams on Twitch.

All of the money he has raised on Twitch has gone to charity and in 2015 he participated SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) in which he helped raise over 1.2 million dollars for cancer.

He’s an active member in robotics and in his junior year he went to super regionals and participated in a robotics challenge with his team named Cause-Y-Not, and he has spent a lot of his high school time after school in the engineering room.

Nicholas Johansen is nearing the end of his high school career and has a lot of optimism for the coming years and is very generous for what he has done in, and outside of school, he said, “I have always been a hard worker when it comes to school. I help a lot of people out when they don’t understand something or they lack motivation to go on. I spend a lot of my time in the engineering room, either for robotics or to hang out with people. I spend a lot of time on twitch and youtube because I feel like it is a great way to express yourself. Any money I get from streaming on twitch goes to charity because some people need it more than you.”