Senior Spotlight: Amy Cordell

Dimond Senior Amy Cordell is one of the many students within Dimond who is outstanding both inside and outside of school.

Cordell is active within Dimond High School, as a member of Student Government and one of the spirit commissioners.

She spends a substantial amount of time with her Student Government peers planning for new events around the school and preparing for assemblies.

Cordell said about student government, “I certainly spend quite a bit of time planning for events, and lately we have been planning for the Halloween carnival, we look forward to seeing students having fun during the festive months of first semester”.

Cordell is also a co-president of Z-Club, an organization that volunteers around the Anchorage community. There are many events around town, and Cordell believes that going out and contributing to your local community is one of the best things teenagers can do.

“I love seeing teenagers out helping others, and the reactions adults have when seeing that teenagers are not just lazy stereotypical kids,” Cordell said.

Recent events within Z-Club have been mostly fall carnivals hosted by elementary schools, as well as a walk for cancer that took place downtown.

Cordell mentions that there aren’t many events until Halloween or later into the year, so the Z-Club board decided to hold a sock drive for Covenant House in the meantime.

Cordell also maintains high academic standard, having earned an academic letter for her scholarly efforts.

“My parents were so happy for me, and I was proud of the hard work I had put in,” she said.

She loves every class she has, specifically the people within her classes that she can work with.

She is also Dimond’s swim team manager. Outside of school, Cordell remains busy with part-time job as a swim instructor teaching young children how to swim.

“I love seeing kids learning and improving their skills in swimming,” Cordell said enthusiastically, “I especially love that they trust me to teach them. They’re so adorable.”

Cordell also stays active by rowing during the summer and kickboxing in the winter. She loves rowing and has been doing it for quite some time, and kickboxing is a sport she has recently picked up in the past couple of years. She looks forward to rowing during college at University of California San Diego.

She has also traveled across the world, and has a passion for discovering different cultures. Cordell was an exchange student in Finland, and says it was truly an eye opening experience.

“It’s insane to see how people live and interact with each other in different countries. Americans live in a sort of bubble and think their lifestyle is normal, but there’s so many different ways of life”, Cordell said. Without a doubt Amy seems to have learned a lot from her exchange.

She looks forward to what her future holds, and hopes to be an entrepreneur and have an impact on her community.

“The future looks bright,” Cordell said.