Senior Spotlight: John Pekich

As the fourth quarter slowly arrives many students look forward to summer breaks arrival. But for the seniors it’s a different story.

John Pekich, a senior who’s looking forward to studying art right here in Alaska is preparing for graduation.

“I like expressing myself and my ideas in my own unique style of drawing. I just wanna create the kind of things I loved in my childhood,” said Pekich.

Pekich is currently developing a comic based on life in Anchorage with a mix action, he calls it Adventures in Anchortown.

He has drawn inspiration from many media including japanese manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(1989) and music by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

“I think that’s what keeps me inspired even though I’m not that great of an artist,” said Pekich.

During his Sophomore and Junior years Pekich founded the Extra Life club.

A nationwide organization that raised money for Providence Children’s Hospital.

“The extra life club was a fun experience because I was able to hang out with like minded people” said senior Tyler Orth.

In two years the extra life club was able to raise over $1000 that went straight to the children’s hospital.

In addition to charity work Pekich also has a Youtub channel where he reviews videogames.

His Youtube channel, FourSwordsGaming, is also an outlet for creativity as Pekich practices his writing skills in a practical way.

“I started FourSwordsGaming as a passion project because I enjoyed watching youtube videos about games and thought that not enough people were talking about some games that enjoyed, so I decided to put my voice out there,” said Pekich.

Spencer Gillespie, a senior and close friend of Pekich, is one of many collaborators on the channel.

“John and I have known each other since middle school. And one day he asked if I wanted to do a (let’s play) video for youtube. Being someone who enjoys those types of videos, I jumped at the chance to make my own,” said Gillespie.

Nowadays Pekich is too focused on school to make videos, but has plans to produce more over spring break.

“I have enjoyed my time at Dimond but I’m looking forward to college so I can hone my cartooning skills and put out the first chapter of Anchortown,” said Pekich.

Pekich plans on studying at UAA and dreams of moving out of state to work as a cartoonist.

Come May Dimond will have another great alumnus who spent his time at DHS thinking of how he could help out the children’s hospital, give the world more art, and entertain the world online.