Senior Spotlight: Lowell Giron

Lowell Giron is a well-known senior at Dimond High, renowned for playing key roles in Robotics, Key Club and National Honor Society.

Giron strives to be a leader, an exceptional example to other students and to stay actively involved in everything he does.

“In all these activities I am in a position to be a leader as well as help my classmates. I believe these activities have helped me stay down to earth, as well as become a better person overall”, Giron said.

He has had a myriad of successes in high school, but, like all students, he has seen a few failures along the way.

“Success would be winning the First tech Challenge state competition my freshman year and getting 8th at super regionals”, he said.

Ever since achieving the stunning success of being FTC state champions his freshman year, he has been heavily involved in robotics.

“I enjoy the competitive platform robotics brings. You get to create something and talk to people the same age as you” Giron said.

“ I am always motivated to do well in robotics since the program rewards you for doing well by giving awards as well as being able to advance to new tournaments.”

His involvement in robotics freshman year rapidly grew into a passion for engineering overall. By sophomore year he had already became a part of the Dimond High engineering program.

The engineering program is a series of classes offered in an effort to attract interested students to the STEM fields. Giron highly recommends it for incoming freshmen.

“The engineering program at Dimond is a great program to get hand’s on experience in designing, building and basic engineering. I would still recommend the program to anyone, even if they don’t want to be an engineer. “

Giron aspires to continue his engineering education by attending the University of Alaska Anchorage and receiving a bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

School has been important in his life. There are many different ways to look at and experience receiving an education.  While most only try to get good grades and graduate, Giron has an entirely different perspective.

“ Although it is easy to only think about grades during school. I try to look past that. School is a place for me to learn and actually see something out of it other than the letter A or a nice transcript”, said Giron.

Giron has advice for incoming freshman.

“Even though it is cliche, I would advise new high schoolers to find a group of friends that they feel comfortable in. High school can be boring alone. However, with a group of friends, you can create great memories.”

His advice to everyone at Dimond: “Don’t get stuck on the small things that bring you down. Stay motivated and work hard.”

Everyone has a support group, those who would help them no matter what. These support groups keep us going through the ups and downs that each of us experience in our lives.

“ I would like to thank Josh Song for always being my best friend bringing me laughs. Makayla Maisey for keeping me in check and involved in school. Lastly Serena Inoue for bringing me joy and happiness over the years.”

Lowell is one of the extraordinary students who can do a little bit of everything. He can bring a smile to everyone’s face, he is a talented leader and he will never give up when the going gets rough.