Senior Spotlight: Carson Hile

High school is a long road for everyone, but you have to treasure every moment.

Carson Hile, a senior at Dimond High School, has been part of the Lynx community for almost ten years. Hile has sacrificed so much for this community.

Hile does not want high school to end because he has made so many great memories in school.

Hile does not actually go to Dimond for his education. Freshman year Hile got really sick and missed 40 days of school.

Hile is homeschooled, but that doesn’t mean he does not love Dimond.

Hile has worked so hard to make the varsity football team. Hile has played eight years of football.

Hile has put in a lot of hours in the weight room to get better for the regular season.

Hile has put in over 30 hours over the last three summers to raise money for the Dimond football team. With Hile’s help the football program has managed to purchase all new football gear.

Hile said, “Being part of the Dimond high school community has been such an honor. I’ve formed a brotherhood with all of my teammates. We all have fought together on the field. I try to push myself to be the best me.”

Hile has not just put in time to help out the football team he has also has made a huge impact on some of the students of Dimond.

Kaden Roettger, a senior at Dimond, has known Carson for a few years now. They have helped each other and pushed each other to perform at their very best.

Roettger said, “I’ve known Carson for five years now and he is one of the hardest workers I know. He pushes himself to his breaking point in football and in school. He sets challenging goals for himself and he strives to achieve them.”

Gary Hile, Carson’s father, has supported Carson all through his life. Making sure he does not give up.

Hile said,”Carson is one of the strongest kids I have ever seen. He spends hours on his homework writing 15 page essays and making sure that his work is at his very best. He doesn’t like to give up. He always wants to get better.”

Hile has a wide supportive group that surrounds him. He has friends and family that pushes him to improve.

Logan Hile, Carson’s older brother, graduated in the class of 2015. Logan has always looked up to Carson even though he’s the older brother.

Hile said, “As a freshman Carson was keeping up with us seniors in football. Carson has great potential to go to college for football. I don’t know if he wants to, but he was pushing people that were four years older than him around on the field.”

All through high school, Hile has managed to maintain a 3.8 GPA all four years. Hile has obtained an academic letter every year and has two varsity letters.

After high school Hile has big plans. Hile wants to go to college at UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage) for his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Hile wants to help as many people as possible after high school.

Hile said, “After high school I want to attend UAA to get a degree in Psychology. I would love to leave Alaska for college, but it is so cheap to just stay in Anchorage. Many students do not believe that they can get a good education in Alaska, but you actually can.”

Hile said, “I’ve made so many great memories in high school that I will never forget. I hope the class of 2018 sticks together because together we can accomplish anything.”

Hile has some final words for the students that are here and for the ones to come.

Hile said, “High school can be scary but just stick with it and find your friend group. It might be hard and it might take time but once you do you will be so happy.”