Senior Spotlight: Madisen Minich

Madisen Minich, a senior, has attended A.J Dimond High School for all four years and in that time she has been known to be a hardworking and determined student.

Throughout her time at Dimond, Minich accepted a varsity letter her freshman year in girls hockey, along with an academic letter.

Once she graduates, she plans on attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to study Professional Piloting in their Aviation division.

“Growing up I would fly back and forth from a small village for about a 25-minute plane ride, so I have always enjoyed flying in smaller planes,” Minich said.

While growing up with a familiar feeling around planes, she also gives thanks to a television show for her further interest in flying.

“Alaska came out with a show called Flying Wild, and it struck up my interest even more and ever since then I have always wanted to be a bush pilot,” Minich said.

Minich has also been involved in the community in many different ways, by either contributing or donating to those in need.

“I have contributed to the community by helping others who are less fortunate than us, examples such as donating clothes and canned food to the youth shelter,” Minich said.

While she takes the time to donate and get involved in her community, Minich also has a part-time job.

“I have worked at The Alaska Walking Store since June of 2015 and I am very fortunate to have a job that is very flexible with my schedule,” Minich said.

Combating a part-time job and community involvement she has quite the history of sports involvement, ever since her youth.

“My parents have always had my brother and I playing sports, I started in soccer when I was about four years old. Then I moved to hockey when I was six, and played for about four years,” Minich said.

Even with a strong background in team sports, Minich developed a passion for riding horses and has been doing it ever since.

“I fell in love with riding horses, I have been riding for about nine years now, and I have won several classes over the years. Riding horses is something I enjoy doing; it’s my outlet.

“It’s really about the bond and relationship you create with your horse,” Minich said.

Minich also competes in local competitions.

“The competitions are just icing on top of the cake; when you get a blue ribbon, it makes all the wrecks and downs worth it,” Minich said.

Though, with such a busy schedule, Minich still goes back to her favorite activities during her free time.

“I’m either at work or riding horses, I try to get outside every chance I get,” Minich said.

Juggling multiple activities during the day, Minich thanks time management for her ability to get it all done.

“It’s really about managing your time, and luckily I have a very set schedule when it comes to riding and my jobs, so it works in my favor,” Minich said.

While all these things prove Minich is a determined and hardworking student, many people can vouch for it too.

Allison Wiles, is a senior at Dimond High School and friend of Minich, who believes her talents and childhood accompany her strong-willed personality and set of skills.

“Traits Madisen possess that make her resemble a hard worker are that she is always willing to lend a hand or help someone in need, and does it with no complaints,” Wiles said.

Compared to other students, certain traits make her stand out from others.

“Things that make her stand out from other seniors is her attitude and the way she views life due to her unique background,” Wiles said.

Lauren Allen, is a senior at Grace Christian High School, believes that Minich’s strong persistence is her most notable trait.

“I think Madisen is a go-getter, she has a standard of excellence and does what she needs to do to achieve her goals,” Allen said.

Minich has an optimistic view on life and a strong determined will to achieve her goals.

“I believe she actively pursues her future unlike some seniors I know and plans ahead for not only high school but other future endeavors,” Allen said.

All these prime examples and quoted statements show how much Minich is a hardworking and determined student, different from other seniors.