Senior Spotlight: Alice Ma

Senior Alice Ma, like all other seniors, is very excited for her coming graduation.

Ma has participated in softball, Key Club, Robotics, Cross Country and Skiing throughout her four high school years here at Dimond High.

“Alice is a very positive person and very hardworking too. I have had her in my class for two years. She is always striving to do well in class and get an A and that definitely shows in her personality as well since she is very quiet in class. Though I do know that outside of class she is very active in school sports and clubs,” said Dimond Math teacher Nate Normandin.

We can all clearly see that Alice really does enjoy being active here at Dimond High.

“I enjoy having Alice on the [softball] team. She is a big asset to our team. She plays shortstop and that is a really important position in softball. We wouldn’t do well without her,” said Varsity softball player Mikaela Lawrence.

Playing softball for Dimond is one of Alice’s favorite parts about her high school career,and she is one of the Varsity softball captains.

“She should be really proud of herself for being one of the captains of the team. I know I am really proud of her. It takes a lot of hard work to do that along with schoolwork,” said Dimond Senior Judy Park.

“My favorite part of high school here at Dimond was being able to participate in the softball program with all my friends as well as the engineering program. When I joined the program I was able to find a big interest in engineering and I made a lot of friends that I am very grateful for,” said Ma.

With her interest in engineering Ma has decided she will be going to college for electrical engineering after graduating from Dimond.

“After graduation I will be attending Portland State University in Oregon for electrical engineering, which I am very excited about. Then sometime afterwards I plan to travel to Taiwan so I have the chance to study Chinese there,”  said Ma.

She is definitely in for exciting years to come with all these amazing plans she has made. Her friends are very excited for her, as well.

“Alice will definitely be successful in whatever she does. She always gets things done. Even if she procrastinates, she still gets it done. She will truly do something great in her future. I’m sure of it,” said Park.

Her friends have great memories from their time together in high school that they will never forget and qualities about her that they love.

“Alice is a really easy person to be around. I can joke around with her and be totally carefree it’s really great. Every time I’m with her it’s like a mini vacation, not to sound cheesy. And, as a high school student I really need that stress free time with someone and I get to do that when I hang out with Alice. I have so many memories that I have made with Alice throughout the years we’ve spent together. We spend a lot of times together watching movies and just hanging out. It’s a lot of fun to be around her, and I am so glad I have the chance to be friends with her,” said Park.

Alice has truly made the most of her years here at Dimond and we hope that she has enjoyed them as much as we have enjoyed having her here. We wish her the best of luck at Portland State.