Senior Spotlight: Blake Hausinger

As another school year is wrapping up, the Dimond senior class of 2018 is getting ready to graduate in the coming weeks. One senior in specific, Blake Hausinger a Dimond hockey state champion is definitely excited for high school come to a close.

Hausinger is an enthusiastic and athletic student at Dimond High and has many athletic accomplishments at Dimond.

Hausinger has played hockey at Dimond since his sophomore year and has lettered twice. During his senior season he not only won state, he had many individual awards such as All Conference team for the CIC, All-State tournament team, All-state team and also won the leading scorer award given out by coach Sorenson at the end of the season banquet.

Senior Jaiden Gibson, close friend and teammate of Hausinger said “He’s the best linemate I could ask for this season. He is a good leader on and off the ice especially since we had a lot of younger kids on our team this season.

“Not only is he gifted on the ice, he was one of our leaders this year, and he demonstrated a good maturity level and set a good example for the freshman and sophomores and his leadership really played a key role in helping us win this year. I’ve known Blake for a long time know, we’ve been playing hockey together since we were 11 years old, and he has really matured this year and I’m really proud and happy that we were able to end our high school hockey career together on such a high note.”

Not only does Hausinger play hockey but he also plays on the Dimond baseball team. Hausinger played baseball since he was a kid but he decided to stop playing after his freshman year to mainly just focus on hockey and decided for his senior year he wanted to play baseball one last time.

Hausinger said “I missed having all my baseball friends, I kind of started fading away from them since I had stopped playing for a couple of years. I figured since it was my senior year and I’m not really going to see any of them after this year and I wanted to rekindle some of my old friendships that I had since I was young playing little league.

“Not only just my friends I just miss hanging out in the dugout, making jokes and really just having a great time. Not mention I like to hit homeruns.”

After the high school baseball season Hausinger looks forward to the next part in his life. He plans to wait a few years instead of going to college and to play junior hockey with the Missoula Bruins in Montana.

Many hockey players often choose to go play junior hockey after high school rather than attending college so that can hopefully get the opportunity to play college hockey, whether it be Division I or Division III.

Hausinger said “My plan for junior hockey is really to work my way up the leaugues. I am starting in Tier III junior hockey, the NA3HL and I’m hoping that I will have a good year in Missoula and get noticed by a NAHL team.

“NAHL is a Tier II league and if I can make that I would hope to have two good seasons there and then after that make the best league in the United States, the USHL. After the USHL my ultimate goal is to play Division I hockey.

“I have 2 brothers playing college hockey, one playing Division I and the other playing Division III and I really look up to them. Anyways I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work just to make it there but I’m willing to put in the time and effort and I hope it will pay off in the end so that I can achieve my ultimate goal.”

Hausinger has some very good goals and he is very determined to reach them, and based of these sources he seems like he will be able to reach them if he stays on the right track.