Senior Spotlight: Cam Dolan

“He is fun to be around,” said Dimond High School senior Wyatt Brown a friend of Cam Dolan.

Dolan also a senior at Dimond High school, is a member of the Engineering Academy and recipient of the engineering cord.

Wade Roach, engineering instructor at Dimond High School, said, “He is a joy to have in class. He is a hard worker and has a great future ahead of him.”

Dolan said he does not know exactly what he wants to do for a career, but he wants to do something with mechanical engineering.

He plans to go to University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Mines for mechanical engineering.

Dolan has done very well in high school. He has maintained a GPA in the 3.2-3.8 range all through high school.

Roach said, “He puts time into his work and shows that he truly cares about the material.”

Jacob Peperone, senior at Dimond High School, and a friend of Dolan said, “Working with him through high school has been a great opportunity.”

Brown said, “He is always making us laugh and spreading good vibes.”

Anyone who has met him would tell you that he is a little quirky and weird, but that just adds to the delight of being around him.

Dolan has put in lots of hard work to get where he is. He overcomes challenges and actively seeks out more.

Dolan has a younger brother named Jack. Dolan takes responsibility for him and makes sure he stays on the right path.

Peperone said, “Jack is all over the place. It would be hard to take care of a wild animal like him.”

Dolan was an active member in robotics for three years of high school. He chose to focus on school for the final year.

He participated in both FTC and FRC levels. When he was in robotics he helped build the robot and keep the team morale up.

Brown said, “I wish he stayed in robotics this last year, we really could’ve used his help. He was a strong member of the team and a very valuable resource.”

Roach said, “Dolan was a delight to have in the program. I did everything I could to keep him in it this last year, but he was busy. Instead, I made it easy on him by allowing him to help the team with some of his class projects. He seemed to enjoy the opportunity to help the team.”

Dolan said, “I’m not sure what I will do after college, but i hope it is engineering related. I have a passion for engineering and I want to continue it through my life.”

All the effort he puts in to school truly shows through the outcome his senior year.

He is graduating with many more credits than he needs, because he cares about his education and takes all of the opportunities presented to him.

Dolan is on the right track to have a successful future and make great changes to this world.

Roach said, “The engineering community needs more people like Dolan. He will go far in life if he sticks to the right path and stays away from bad influences.”

Dolan is on a path of success. He has the potential to do great things for this world.

Brown said, “I hope he uses his full potential. Knowing him he probably will leave some of his potential locked away. If he does use his full potential he will do great things and go far in life.”

Dolan is an asset to the engineering community. UAF is lucky to have him as a student, and he will go far with the education he will get.

Peperone said, “This world needs more people like Dolan to keep us on the right path.”