Senior Spotlight: Derek Stone

The Stone name carries more weight than a British stone around the halls of Dimond High.

The famous name is synonymous with athleticism, intelligence, competitiveness, leadership and humor.

Sitting between Kyle Stone, who reigned supreme in the classroom, on the soccer field and the tennis court, and Jake Stone, a prodigy goalie and Civil Air Patrol cadet is Derek Stone.

Stone is a mesh of his two brothers and got the best of both worlds because of it.

One of the highlights of Stone’s tenure at Dimond high is the impact that he has had on the athletic community.

As a freshman Stone played varsity on the tennis, cross-country and soccer team, while also playing C-team basketball while almost going undefeated and winning the C-team championship.

Also that year Derek was one of the only freshman on the state championship soccer team with former Dimond star Jack Sedor. Also he won the state championship for tennis in mixed doubles which was very impressive for a freshman.

In his sophomore year Stone continued on with tennis as the singles one superstar.

Dimond senior and tennis and soccer teammate, Alden Butzke said, “Derek is a phenomenal tennis player and it’s really annoying always losing to him. However I really have to thank him and his family for introducing me to the sport and supporting me to get better and better to someday hopefully give Derek a run for his money.”

Mid way through Stone’s sophomore year, he and his brother Jake Stone were selected to join a Major League Soccer youth academy for the Portland Timbers.

There Stone refined his skills and played and trained at a level that he had not experienced before.

Stone said, “It was kind of hard move considering I really had no friends in Portland except for my brother who came with me. I had to make new friends and adapt to my environment, but overall it was a positive experience that gave me new skills and insight.”

This experience lead him to become an even better player and upon return arguably the best player on Dimond’s state championship bound team.

Stone’s soccer talent lead him to recruitment to Pacific Lutheran University, a NCAA Division three school, where he will play soccer and tennis at a very high level.

Derek was recognized for his athletic achievements by being on Athletic Council for tennis,being selected as a prince for homecoming court, and having a large signing ceremony at the school.

When Stone is not playing some sort of sport competitively, then he is playing something with his friends.

Either pond hockey in the winter, street basketball in the summer, or playing some video games inside, Stone is always having a good time with his friends.

Senior and life long friend of Stone, Jake Andresen, said, “ I’ve been friends with Derek since elementary school. My favorite memories with him are playing basketball at the Dome with him and a couple of our friends after we won our flag football game. He is a really funny guy and can always make you laugh.”

Stone’s upbeat attitude and demeanor makes him a favorite at Dimond even though he can be quite talkative in class he brings an energy to a classroom that can not be beat.

Derek plans to study something in the engineering field because he was a graduate in dimond’s engineering program which is no small feat.

Dimond High will be losing a good egg this year, along with many others, but there class will be set to succeed.