Senior Spotlight: Erin Moody

As the last few weeks of high school come to an end for Dimond seniors, many reflect on their time spent at Dimond for the past four years. Senior Erin Moody is no exception to this.

Moody has a lot to be proud of during her time at Dimond. Whether in swimming or academics, Moody has had many accomplishments.

Moody said, “I think my biggest accomplishment of high school is graduating with a 4.19 GPA. It was my goal freshman year to have over a 4.0 GPA by the time I was a senior, so it is a satisfying feeling knowing I’ve accomplished that.”

Antara Brewer, Moody’s AP Lang teacher last year, said, “Erin is fierce—fiercely independent, intelligent, curious and passionate. She’s the best kind of nerd.”

With a GPA so high, Moody well represents the class of 2018—a class that has the largest number of students graduating with honors at Dimond in a long time. More than 100 seniors received a GPA above 3.50.

Last year, though, Moody had to miss a fair amount of school due to a concussion she got in the middle of the year. Still, she worked hard and was able to maintain her impressive GPA.

At Dimond, Moody has been very successful in swimming. For the past four years, she has been on the varsity team.

At the 2017 state championships, Moody came in 1st place in the Girl’s 100 Yard Freestyle with a time of 52.91.

Her relay team also placed 2nd in the Girl’s 200 Yard Freestyle Relay. In the Girl’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay, Moody’s team came in first with a time of 3:37.33.

In the end, the Dimond girls came in 1st place at the 2017 state swimming championships, which was a big accomplishment for the team.

Along with pursuing swimming and academics, Moody has been a part of many clubs at Dimond and has spent countless hours volunteering in the community.

Moody said, “I have participated in Key Club, National Honor Society, Women’s Club and Athletic Council.”

Both Key Club and National Honor Society require a large number of volunteer hours, and Women’s Club includes a fair amount of community involvement, as well. Being a part of Athletic Council reflects on Moody’s talent in swimming, as only a few seniors are chosen from each sport to be on the Athletic Council.

Looking back, Moody has many fond memories of high school. After four years, Moody has met countless people and formed strong friendships.

One of her close friends, Junior Abby Dodd, said, “Erin is dedicated to swimming but maintains a fun, uplifting attitude in and out of the pool. She is an amazing representation of a Dimond Lynx.”

Moody said, “Forming new friendships, as well as winning state titles for the Dimond girls varsity swim team, would have to be my favorite parts of high school.”

Though she has enjoyed her time at Dimond, Moody looks forward to what the future will hold in college and any career she might have.

Moody said, “In the fall, I will be attending Bowdoin College where I plan to follow a pre-med track.”

At Bowdoin, Moody also plans on being a part of the swim team. And after taking a trip to the college earlier this year, she has already been in contact with many of the other future members of the swim team.

Beyond school, Moody is extremely active in social issue movements. Moody has attended both the Women’s March and the March for Our Lives, and also participated in the National School Walkout just recently.

Moody is extremely well-rounded and aware of the world around her, specifically outside of high school, and it is easy to see how her future will be bright.