Senior Spotlight: Judy Park

The class of 2018 is full of competitive and driven students who are bound to achieve success.

Judy Park is one of the highest achievers in academics and extracurriculars.

She is the president of Key Club and the senior class president as well as a member of National Honor Society.

Park has also immersed herself in 10 Advanced Placement (AP) courses ranging from AP Biology to AP United States History (APUSH). All the while, she has maintained an impressive 4.13 GPA.

She has also participated in Model United Nations and Dimond Night Live.

Park is not only known for being a dedicated student inside the classroom, but she is also known for her kindness outside of it.

Horojah Jawara has known Park since freshman year, and they have formed a close bond.

She said, “Judy is definitely most known for being loud, bubbly and super outgoing. Her biggest trademark would probably be being an amazing senior class president.

“I would describe her as passionate, hard-working, spirited and incredibly well rounded.”

Alice Ma, one of Park’s best friends, said, “She has a unique sense of humor and is always doing the funniest things. She is always positive and funny and always knows good advice to tell.”

With her great involvement in the school, Park has become very connected to Dimond over the last four years.

She said, “High school was really some of the best years of my life just because I have never stayed at a school for more than two years before Dimond. I’ve always been moving around, and Dimond was the first school that I got to stay for the entire time.

“I got to meet a lot of good people, a lot of good friends, a lot of good teachers. It was really nice to be able to come as an outsider and leave as someone who loves Dimond.”

Of all the various AP courses that Park has taken, APUSH was most impactful on her life.

“It opened up my curiosity and passion for politics, and I’m going to be a political science major. I think APUSH was the class that I met most of my friends in. I also met Wheeles through that class.”

Lem Wheeles is a history teacher and student government advisor at Dimond who first met Park in his APUSH class.

He said, “She is focused and hardworking. She has a great sense of humor, and she is clever. She excels across all roles. She’s a great student, but also a strong leader as senior class president this year. She is competitive in a sense, but always with a good nature to it.”

Park has big plans for the future. She will be attending Washington and Lee University in the fall with a full ride scholarship.

She plans major political science to eventually work for the United Nations or the State Department.

Others see her going far in life as she has done in high school.

Ma said, “I see her becoming a person that just cares for everyone.”

Wheeles said, “I see Judy wherever Judy wants to go because I think there is very little she could not accomplish if she set out to do it. I think she would excel at just about any field of study and any job that she pursued.”

While she is excited about her future plans, she is going to miss Dimond.

She said, “I like knowing everyone, and I like being able to talk to everyone at the school. I’m going to miss the size and being able to be intimate with other people.”