Senior Spotlight: Fred Rygh

Rygh: It is a name that rings throughout the halls of A.J. Dimond High School as three of Dimond’s best and brightest share this fated last name. At the top of the pack is Senior Frederic Rygh, who in his past years at Dimond High School has truly brought the maroon and gold spirit alive.

Rygh is both a supreme athlete and gifted student. As a newcomer to DHS, he proved his athletic prowess by being a part of the team that won the high school state championship for swimming, bringing Dimond another state title.

As a junior, Rygh continued to swim and joined the cross-country running team, as well as the track and field team. He became one of the few tri-varsity athletes at Dimond who has been to state in every sport he competed in.

However, Rygh’s achievements go far beyond the athletics. He maintains a cum laude GPA, while balancing club and school participation.

From an academic standpoint, Rygh has left his mark on many teachers. Calculus teacher Joshua Hall said, “Fred was highly entertaining and fun to have in class and I miss seeing him every day.”

Separately, Rygh is the president of Rare-T, a sex-ed club here at Dimond, and a registered member of Green Effects, the environmental club.

Rygh’s presence is not only felt throughout every crevasse in DHS, it radiates beyond the halls of the school. One of the Ryghs, Marty, Rygh’s brother, speaks on this topic.

Rygh’s brother feels grateful to have a brother like Rygh. Marty said, “To live with Fred is like living with a king on his throne, and you and everyone else are his peasants.”

Rygh and his brother went on numerous camping and kayaking trips this past summer to experience Alaska together. Rygh and his brother also went surfing together this past summer in Alaska, a truly spectacular and unique Alaskan experience.

Rygh is not only bonded with family, though. One of his best friends, Senior Abigail Dodd, has been close with Rygh since middle school.

Dodd said, “I think Fred is a very motivated athlete and is very determined in everything he does and puts his soul into all of his activities.”

Moreover, Dodd said, “Fred has always been a genuine person. He has always been humble and kind and supported me emotionally.”

Rygh personally describes himself as a social butterfly who is not afraid to take risks. For example, this past summer Rygh kayaked back three miles on Eklutna River to a public use cabin, where he and his family went cliff jumping on one of Alaska’s premier summer days into waters not for the faint of heart.

Rygh also enjoys the more social aspects this school has to offer.

While a junior, Rygh participated in the annual Dimond Night Live, a drama production similar to the like of Saturday Night live, where students make comical skits surrounding events and aspects of the school.

Moreover, he played the lead actor in several skits that had the audience absolutely hysterical.

Not only does Rygh participate in three varsity sports, he loves supporting others, as well. A regular at many volleyball games, Rygh has led cheers that boost the morale of students and players alike.

As a final point, Rygh’s athletic prowess and popularity have reached the extent to gift him a spot on Homecoming Court. Selected to be one of seven princes who have received one or more varsity letters, Rygh proudly represents the essence of a true Dimond Lynx.

A righteous, youthful, grateful, honorable young man spells out the essence of Fred Rygh and the Rygh name. The name that will ring through the halls long after it is gone.