Senior Spotlight: Hahna Wood

Hahna Wood is a senior at Dimond High School who strives in every aspect of her life. Her classes, sports, clubs, and social life are all remarkable especially with her involvement in them.

Chanelle Martinez has gone to school with Wood since kindergarten and knows how far Wood excels in academics.

Martinez said, “She was smarter than everyone” and, “She always knew everything.”

Even when Wood was young she valued and worked at her education.

Along with being outstanding educationally, Wood rules the school socially. Last September, Wood was crowned Homecoming Queen alongside her boyfriend Darian Afusia who was crowned king.

Together Wood and Afusia are the “it” couple of Dimond. They are both exceedingly kind, talkative and involved in the Dimond community.

“The best thing about Hahna is her work ethic and determination,” Afusia said. His insight on her shows how dedicated Wood is to what is important to her.

He added that “It’s amazing to me that someone that great found ways to add on to an already wonderful person”, referencing how Wood has grown as a person in the last year and half.

Her commitment to Dimond especially have made numerous lives brighter.

Wood also has sightings at multiple sports functions.

   In the fall, she was part of the flag football team that made signs for all the football players. Her main sightings during the winter are at basketball games.

Carter Moore, a varsity basketball player, thinks that the famous signs Hahna makes for all the basketball boys are great.

“I think they are pretty funny, until I get one,” Moore said. The signs are very blunt, but the bluntness is what cause people to love them.

Examples of the signs are of “Evan is tall” or “The Twins are Twins”. Evan Hoosier is 6’8” and towers over many other players, so his height is obvious. The twins are Connor and Andrew Walch, who are identical, so people already know they are twins.

Running the community service club Z-Club, with co-president Anton Lagman, takes up her lunches two days of the week. In this club Wood puts in many hours to help out our community and organize events for other students too.

Lagman said, “Whenever we work together, she’s always willing to do more than needed and is always wanting to go above and beyond.” Wood’s drive to excel in every aspect of her life not only makes her a better person, but it makes the peoples lives around her easier to live.

To add onto being  intelligent, Z-Cub president, a Dimond socialite, Homecoming Queen, and half of the DHS “it” couple, Hahna is the Senior Class President. During student government Wood shows her leadership skills.

“She leads by example,”  Lem Wheeles, teacher at Dimond and Student Government sponsor, said when talking about her position in student government.

“Hahna does not just order officers around. Hahna works with them and is there to help out when asked and even when not,” Wheeles also said, while describing Wood.

“She is not afraid to ask the questions,” and, “Hahna is always trying to make Dimond a better place for our students,” Wheeles added.

Flag Football is a sport that Dimond has played extremely well in since it began. Dimond holds more than half of the state championships in Flag Football history and they hope to gain more. Wood has been a player on the varsity team since her junior year and won two state championships.

“I love Hahna, she’s our Queen,” D’Shanna Schuster, her flag football teammate and fellow state championship winner, said. Together Schuster and Hahna dominated the defensive part of the game.

Hahna played for the offense side as well. Sunshine Meraz, her quarterback and fellow state champion, had a special running back play for her, because of her speed and faking ability.

Wood is a multi-talented student that works hard to be good at what she does and people find themselves lucky to be around her.

Lagman said, “She has this aura that makes you want to be happy.”