Senior Spotlight: Spirit Commissioners Cameron Sheldon and Jayden Houston

Through the 2018 to 2019 school year, Cameron Sheldon and Jayden Housten have acted as the Dimond High School’s Spirit Commissioners and have been a big presence at Dimond High events, such as assemblies and Spirit Weeks.

However, many Dimond students are unaware of how these two became commissioners, as well as some of the finer details of their role serving the school.

Sheldon, a Dimond Senior and member of the 2019 Prom court, said, “I saw the spirit at the time at the school probably last year and sophomore year, and I just thought it could be done a lot better. So I wanted to step into that position and hype up the school in the best way that I could, along with my partner Jayden.”

The second half of the spirit commissioner duo, Jayden Houston said, “It was pretty overwhelming at first, because last year I was Junior Class vice-president and Cameron had never in Student Government before, so it was definitely a lot of work for me.”

However, despite the workload, Sheldon is extremely proud of how school spirit assemblies have gone.

Sheldon said, “I think we’ve done a great job this year through assemblies. They’ve definitely  gonde from a ‘A’ or ‘B’ to top-notch, like an ‘A-plus’.”

Gigi Powelson, a Dimond Senior who knows Housten and Sheldon well, said, “I think they’ve done a great job, and specifically in assemblies I’d say they’ve done better than some of the past years. Definitely our freshman year it wasn’t the best, but definitely they’ve stepped it up in comparison to some of the past spirit commissioners.

Powelson was also unsurprised when Housten and Sheldon decided to become Spirit Commissioners last year.

Powelson said, “I think they both know a lot of people at Dimond, which is kind of important when you’re the Spirit Commissioner, and they both have this sort of contagious,  happy energy. So that’s really important in things like spirit days and to help rally a crowd during games and assemblies.”

Another high point for Sheldon was school sporting events.

Sheldon said, “Just getting the spirit at games up was definitely a goal of mine, and I think we accomplished that well at all the sports games.”

However, not all the work of a Spirit Commissioner is cheering at high school games.

Sheldon said, “We plan pretty much every assembly, well we do plan every assembly. And along with that we plan spirit days and quick hitters and everything school spirit focused.

“So once one assembly gets over we immediately start planning the next one.”

Houston agreed with Sheldon about the many duties of Spirit Commissioners, and said, “We head up the Spirit Committee, so we have a bunch of kids in all the classes looking up to us for what they’re supposed to be doing. So it’s made me a lot better at delegating things and staying responsible, and telling kids what they should do, and being a better leader.”

Still, with all that work Houston has enjoyed her time as a Spirit Commissioner.

Houston said, “It’s been a lot of fun, I think we’ve both really enjoyed being such big leaders in this school and kind of having everyone know that we’re all into spirit, and always there to support Dimond.

Students at Dimond have taken notice at Dimond have taken notice of this extra support, and Powelson said, “I know it takes a lot of time and energy that goes into planning an assembly or an entire dance or spirit day and everything like that, so they definitely have done a lot of work and I’m sure just being in Student Government on top of that they do a lot more than just plan assemblies.”

With two such dynamic and hard working spirit commissioners leaving Dimond, we all must know look towards the future for someone next year to carry on Houston and Sheldon’s good work.