Senior Spotlight: Lucas Yocom

Dimond Senior Lucas Yocom is considered by his peers as one of the most intelligent and  thoughtful people in his grade.

With a GPA well above a 4.0, Yocom has earned straight As through multiple AP classes, as well as a spot on Prom Court. He has also dedicated a lot of time into community service clubs like Key Club and National Honor Society.

Yocom said, “I’m proud of my straight As and GPA because those display how hard I have worked to maintain my high academic standing, but I am more proud of the social relationships I was able to foster with friends, teachers and peers and the time I was able to commit to service through Key club and NHS.”

Yocom has managed to make a lot of special connections with the teachers and students of Dimond High. He also makes sure to be as helpful as he can with his peers.

Yocom said, “I have never had a bad teacher at Dimond. Every teacher I have had has been excellent, which obviously made my experience better.

“Also, my peer group was superb. My classmates were some of the brightest people I have had the opportunity to work with, and I am positive that my friends and peers that I met at Dimond have helped me grow into a better person.”

Dimond Senior Wayne Koelsch said, “I took AP World, Calc AB and Honors English with Mr. [Marcus] Reese with him. He helps people and pretty much always has a great relationship with the teacher.”

Yocom’s great years at Dimond are thanks to his good friends that he’s made along the way, as well as the amazing teachers that he always had good connections with.

Yocom said, “This is pretty cheesy, but my favorite memories at Dimond were all the awesome times I got to spend with my friends, hanging out at lunch, goofing off in class or working on group projects.”

Koelsch said, “For my 16th birthday Lucas hosted a surprise party for me, and whenever we need a place to study he always hosts us for that too.”

Dimond Senior Takuma Inoue said, “My best memory with him is spending time together with him and a group of friends at his house. We would play outside, eat barbeque and play some video games inside. Some of the most fun that I’ve ever had.”

Yocom’s GPA allowed him to be accepted into his choice university, and leaves him with plenty options for after graduation. Sticking to his thoughtful personality, he is hoping to open a medical practice after college.

Yocom said, “I’ve already been accepted to my first choice college, which was the University of Oklahoma, so I plan on attending there and getting a biology degree so I can one day open a medical practice there.”

Inoe said, “He’s almost always the top scorer, and when we get test scores back, or have to do test corrections, we end up asking him for answers. He’s always pretty silent, but we know that he’s the hardest worker.”

Yocom’s friends say that he is one of the kindest people they know.

Inoe said, “I would describe him as one of the most sincere, hardworking and nicest guys that I have ever met.”

Koelsch said, “He’s very smart, but besides that he is the most thoughtful person I know, and he’s a really great friend.”

Yocom’s initiative, intelligence, kindness and support from his close and caring friends will for sure place him wherever he wants to be after upcoming graduation.