Senior Spotlight: Braelyn Rogers

Dimond Senior Braelyn Rogers is paving the way to a successful future. 

Rogers is both a singer and songwriter, and has been singing for as long as she can remember.

Rogers said, “I started choir in first grade and I have done it every year since then, but when I was little I was still very interested in music and performing.”

Her song “How Does One Love” was released in the year of 2019 and received many positive reactions.

She is a self-made artist and has over 100,000 streams on her music.

Dimond Senior Haley Rogers, and sister of Braelyn Rogers, said, ”She has a strong passion for her music, her school and for the people in her life. Her love of music increases daily alongside her listeners.”

Along with keeping her music career strong, Rogers does a lot for Dimond.

Braelyn Rogers said, ¨I wouldn’t say that I’ve personally done a lot for Dimond, but I have contributed a ton as a team effort. My biggest teams are within the choir program and student government. 

 ̈ ̈Whether through song or service, both work daily using our passion.¨

Braelyn Rogers is the Student Body President for her senior class and works hard to make sure that things go the right way.

 Haley Rogers said, “Braelyn puts a lot of her time, heart and effort into Dimond behind the scenes. A lot of the events and promotions we have at school are done alongside Braelyn’s efforts.”

Braelyn Rogers has been part of Student Government for three years.

Dimond Senior Mackenzie Rogers, and sister to Braelyn Rogers, said, “Braelyn’s got Student Government at the gold standard of excellence and does a whole bunch of things behind the scenes that I would not be able to handle.”

Braelyn Rogers is someone that you can trust that will get things done and look up to for help.

Haley Rogers said, “Braelyn is a great leader and won’t let things go undone.¨

Makenzie Rogers said, “She offers a different view on things and is always there for me in a way I couldn’t just find in just any person.”

Braelyn Rogers is a triplet at Dimond highschool and her sisters are always there to help support her.

Braelyn Rogers said, “Being a triplet is the craziest thing. It’s like having two best friends that constantly make you laugh, yet get on all of your nerves.

“I’m truly grateful to have them. I wish everyone could be siblings with Haley and Mackenzie.”

Haley Rogers said, “Braelyn is one of my best friends and favorite artists. She is a best friend that is gifted in ways that I am not, and I really enjoy hearing what she produces.

“She gives me love, trust, time and support. That’s all anybody needs in a friend, and it’s all I could ever want.”

Mackenzie Rogers said, “She’s my best friend.”

With her final year of high school coming to an end there are many opportunities for her.

Braelyn Rogers said, “I don’t have any solid plan, but I do know that I’m going to take any and every opportunity to better myself whether it be through music or school. I’d like to take all the lessons that I’ve learned throughout my years at Dimond and use them to prepare for the future.

“Things like team work and time management are some of the greatest things I’ve developed in high school.”

Even with all of her accomplishments Rogers still remains humble and friendly.

Haley Rogers said, “I am very proud of her success and happy that she has a purpose that gives her satisfaction and joy. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for her.”

Mackenzie Rogers said, “I am proud of Braelyn for staying true to her passion and being such a genuine friend to me.”

Braelyn Rogers said, “I am proud of myself for pushing my limits in all aspects of my life. I always want to grow and challenge myself whether it’s running for a student government position that holds higher expectations or whether it’s independently pursuing my dreams.”

Although Braelyn Rogers will be leaving soon she will be taking some amazing memories with her throughout the rest of her life.

Braelyn Rogers said, “One of my favorite memories at Dimond was at Crystal Ball, when my song “How Does One Love” was played right after I was crowned queen.”

Without the support of others her journey would have been much harder.

Braelyn Rogers said, “I appreciate everyone who supports me in music and in school because it’s what helped me even accomplish these things.”