Senior Spotlight: Konan Lavivong

Ambitious, courageous and intelligent are some of the many words to describe Dimond High School Senior Konan Lavivong.

Lavivong was a part of All State Mixed Choir, Key Club, the Spanish Program and got accepted into Alaska Middle College.

His favorite part of choir was going on the trip to California with the swing choir.

“Choir was like a second family for me. I adored each one of them,” Lavivong said.

Lavivong did well academically in school.

“I had a 3.8 GPA. I definitely don’t think academics are a waste of time and the extra work I put in really helps me now in school. I don’t regret pushing myself,” he said.

The effort Lavivong put into school paid off. He will be attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to get his bachelor’s degree. 

“My plan is to go to UAA to get my bachelor’s degree in business and management and then to transfer my credits to Washington State.

“I hope to start my own business, own a restaurant, or take over my parents’ business,” he said.

If anyone had school spirit it was Senior Konan Lavivong.

“I had so much spirit… When we had Disney day for Spirit Week I dressed up as Jumba from Lilo and Stitch with my friends Alina and Savannah.

“Personally, I miss spirit weeks and events from high school,” Lavivong said

Lavivong has his own thoughts on how this pandemic had helped and hurt students.

“In the sense of academics this pandemic has been harder for myself to learn with classes online, but the pandemic gives us more time to spend on ourselves and to figure out who we are.”

Outside of school Lavivong has an interest in photography, playing volleyball, songwriting, kpop and dance.

Dimond Senior Burak Turker said, “He loves to help out others no matter how busy he may be. If he sees someone mentally down then he definitely will do his best to make them feel better.

“Konan is a kind and warm-hearted person who values friends and family greatly. He does tell you things as it is and always wishes the best for others.

“As you get to know him, you realize that he is a very easy-going guy who likes to be around genuine and trustworthy people just like him. He is full of positive energy and is very fun to be around.”

Lavivong would like to thank Dimond High’s Choir teacher Andrea Gardner and former Dimond Spanish teacher Julia Stutzer for making his years at Dimond memorable.

“I would like to thank Ms. G for being such a nice teacher and being flexible with everyone’s schedule. She’s so lenient and understanding and made me feel okay to take time for myself during hard times.

“I would like to also thank Ms. Stutzer for being such an amazing teacher and amazing person in general. She is the best teacher I ever had and I am sad to see her leave Dimond.” Lavivong said.