Senior Spotlight: Stella Kvidera

Dimond Senior Stella Kvidera is an academic force to be reckoned with.

Stella Kvidera is an NHS honor roll student with a 4.22 GPA and a seal of biliteracy for Spanish.

She is a part of Key Club, Green Effects and co-founded the Coffee Club hosted by Dimond art teacher Cullen Lickingteller. 

Kvidera was a part of stunt cheer and the volleyball program; she even managed our Lady Lynx varsity team.

Joshua Hall, a math teacher at Dimond High School, said, “I am happy to hear that Stella is being recognized. She is a fantastic kid to have in class.

You can count on her to always bring her best. Stella is generous with a smile, but she will also tell you what she really thinks.

And—when it comes to Calculus, fuhgeddaboudit… Stella is fully beast! There’s no stopping this lynx.” 

Kvidera grew up in Minnesota, but in 2014 she moved to Anchorage.

“We moved because of my dad’s job and ended up skedaddling over 3,000 miles away to Alaska,” she said.

Besides traveling to Alaska she also went to Panama.

Kvidera said, “It was really hot and I got to be there for World Day, which was fun. I got to meet people from all over the world and make friends.”

Kvidera plans on going to college to become a pediatric nurse.

“I wanna become a pediatric nurse specifically so I can take care of cute little kids. I’ve always had good experiences with nurses and want others to have good people to take care of them.”

Kvidera recently turned 18, just in time to vote in the 2020 election.

Kvidera said, “I’ve only been 18 for a few weeks and I already got called up to do jury duty. It’s weird.” 

It was fun and it felt great making my voice be heard. I got a sticker and everything.”
Just like every other senior Kvidera was excited about her senior year.

“I was looking forward to Prom and being a senior in school and being with my friends, but the spicy flu got in the way.

“I wish we could have a graduation on the football field like in ‘High School Musical’ but socially distanced.” 

Stella Kvidera is not the only Kvidera at Dimond. She has two younger brothers. 

Dimond Juniors Ernest and Kermit Kvidera said, “All the teachers compared us to her, but we barely see her at school.”

Stella Kvidera friend, Dimond Junior Annemarie Van Couwenberghe, said, “She is very fun to be around and knows how to have a good time with her friends’, she also is strong in her beliefs and will stand up for that.”

Like many seniors she is, “addicted to bingeing Netflix shows and Tik Tok. I just waste my time on the app. It’ll be three hours before I realize what time it is. 

“I love baking a lot, surfing the webs and online shopping.

“I am not like a Mother Teresa that does mission trips. I just like to chill and hang out with my friends.”