The Alaska Zoo


Have you ever wondered about the Zoo? Its grand opening was on August 2nd, 1969 and ever since then, it has had over 200,000 annual visitors. Today, it has 100 animals and 35 species as of 2006. It had some changes in the past but it’s still here today. What’s very unique about it is that it represents the only Zoo in the last frontier. One change they have had is they stopped having animals that live in warm places, so they have animals that live in arctic or subarctic places. They used to have an elephant named Maggie that lived to be very old but she died in California because she got moved. It has been open to everyone from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the week. It has Siberian tigers because it cannot have regular tigers for reasons of it being very cold in the great state of Alaska. It has around 100 birds and mammals of 50 different species for visitors to enjoy. The Zoo also does lots of research for its animals to have a safe place to live. They also care for their animals so they can be healthy at all times of their life here at the Alaska Zoo. I can tell you that animals have died there of old age. That just goes to show they care about their animals enough to have them survive very long times. The Alaska Zoo shows it can take care of its animals, showing Tiska the eagle living to the age of 41 years old. The eagle was only 11 years away from being tied with how old the zoo was in service with 52 years of service. So to work for the zoo, if that was a future job for anybody who wanted to take care of our amazing animals you will need a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences. I’d imagine for other jobs you would also need a degree from college to take care of the animals. So Dimond, if you want to have a good time and create memories visit your one and only Alaska Zoo!