The Start of Something New

The Dimond High School basketball program is on its way to something new. With a new coach incoming this year there are many things people are excited about.

While having a winning tradition a new coach would have to be one who has winning experience, knows the game well and also loves the game of basketball.Not just getting the paycheck and making kids run forever.

The only person who could possibly fit this description would be Dimond physical education teacher and coach Brad Lauwers. Lauwers has been coaching for 19 years, six of which were at Dimond High School before.

Lauwers,being a long time coach keeps coming back for his real love for competition in any sport but basketball being one he loves to be around the most.

There are many things on his plate this year. One of them is going to be “the challenge of putting a program together, building as the years goes on,”Lauwers said.

With many of last year’s starters graduated, there will be a huge need for some new players to step up this season and lead the team.

Lauwers believes that the team’s strong point “will be our athleticism and being able to do many different things offensively and defensively.”

Some players who are being looked to to lead the team this year are Junior Muhammad Cole, Senior’s Austin Osborn , Zachary Delony. They’re being looked to to lead the team this year mainly because of their ability to lead and knowing what it takes to win at the varsity level, Lauwers said.

Delony has been playing basketball since he was 13 years old and is very much excited about the upcoming season and new coach.

“I’m excited about Lauwers because he has a lot of experience and has been to the 4A state championship for high school basketball four times before.”

With the new coach comes a new offensive scheme this year, one that many of the players have said they are very much excited about.

Delony is very happy with Lauwers being in the head coaching position this year.

Junior Isaiah Pili, has been playing basketball since the age of five. He enjoys playing the sport of basketball and just the sheer fun of being out there and competing.

Pili is excited about the upcoming season because ”It’s the start of a new beginning for the program.”

Many people within the program were hoping that things would change soon along with many of the players with Pili being one of them.

“I hope things do change this year, starting with the way our offense is ran and put together,” said Pili.