Dimond Kicks Off Soccer Season

Dimond High is known all around Anchorage for having exceptional soccer teams. Not only are the boys and girls good soccer players, but they are very good students, as well.

Junior Trask Shamburg, a returning Dimond High School varsity soccer player, says, “I’m excited for the season because I get to play with my best friends. The team is looking really good so far. I think we are going to make it to state. No other high school has a team as close as us. We are all best friends and we work well together.”

The Dimond soccer boys made it all the way to state last year with very few losses. Unfortunately, they did not win the state title like they did in 2012.

Dimond’s girls team, however, made it all the way to state and won the state title.

Junior Rachel Brady, also a returning varsity player, says, “After recovering from my ACL tear, I can’t wait to play this year and go all the way to state again. I am also excited to have a new coach and be able to kill other schools dreams of a state championships.”

Senior Ben Froehlich, soon to be captain of the boys soccer team, says, “after last years big loss, I can’t wait to get back on the field and reclaim the state title.” Froehlich is also a returning varsity player.

The Dimond soccer program has a tradition when they make it to state that they all do something crazy with their hair. Whether it is coloring it or cutting it, they pretty much all have ridiculous hair.

Junior Brent Quinn got the worst of this tradition, getting his hair dyed red and also shaved into a mohawk.

Quinn said, “ I still like the tradition even though we all look stupid. It was a good bonding experience.”

Junior Aine Dolan says, “I love the songs we listen to before games, we all prepare for the game together. I love my high school team. We are all best friends.”

Dolan said she is not playing this year because she thought it was time to take a break, she is definitely playing next year as a senior.

Dolan says, “ Even though I’m not playing, hope the best for the team!”

The teams have dinner together every night before a game to team bond and get to know each other off the soccer field.

After last year’s overtime loss in the semi finals, the boys team is determined to win the state title this year. The girls are focused on winning again.