Athletic Council Members Help Make Decisions Involving Sports

There are a lot of different clubs and societies at A.J. Dimond High School, but one of the  most prestigious is the Athletic Council.

Each boys and girls sports program at Dimond has one member that represents their sport on the Athletic Council.

They earn their spot by being nominated by their own respective coach.

Spots on the Athletic Council are reserved for seniors only and they help make decisions involving sports at our school.

Senior Lauren Hines represents the flag football team and is very happy to be a part of the Athletic Council.

She has played flag football for all four years of her high school career and finished it with another state championship title this past season.

Hines really likes being able to have some sort of effect in the sports program.

“I like helping to raise money for our sports programs to make them better,” said Hines.

She also thinks that it is cool that the Athletic Council gets to vote on the athlete of the month rather than just having the teachers decide.

Hines also happens to be the president of the Athletic Council and says that it is fun to be the president of something in the school.

Senior Rachel Brady is also a member of the Athletic Council, representing the soccer team.

Even though she has had a couple of rough seasons due to injury, she has made a strong impact on the team and is their number one supporter.

One of the main reasons that Brady—as well as many other students—want to be a part of the Athletic Council is for the nice pullovers they receive.

Her favorite part of being on the Athletic Council is “being able to vote on athletes that have excelled in their sport and celebrate them as athletes of the month.”

Brady recommends it as she thinks it is a lot of fun.

Senior Muhamad Cole has enjoyed his time so far as a member of the Athletic Council.

Cole has played basketball all four years of high school and three on the varsity team.

He has been playing this game that he loves for as long as he can remember so he is glad that he can represent the team.

Cole is also a big fan of the pullovers and likes voting for the athletes of the month.

He said the one thing missing for him that a lot of the other members of the Athletic Council seem to have is a state championship title.

Cole has big goals for this upcoming basketball season and says winning state would be the perfect end to his last year at Dimond.

Senior Brent Quinn represents the boys soccer team.

He was the captain last year as a junior and his coach asked him if he would like to be a member of the Athletic Council.

Quinn is also one of the commissioners of spirit for student government, so he is well known around the school.

Athletic Council has a big part in making decisions involving the schools sports and is something Dimond plans on keeping around.