College Basketball Has Dimond Fans

College basketball is a very well liked sport in our society, and the season has recently begun.

There are two undefeated teams left in the NCAA, Kentucky and Virginia.

Kentucky is usually one of the top teams, which means there is no surprise here, but Virginia was not even on most people’s offseason poll.

Kentucky always has the one of the best teams because of the excellent recruiting class. They are being led by freshmen and sophomores.

Freshmen and sophomores do not usually lead teams to national championships or undefeated seasons, but this team might have the chance to prove doubters wrong.

This team has beaten the majority of the teams they played by at least double digits, and they do not have a hard schedule ahead of them.

My favorite team is Kentucky Wildcats,

weirdly enough.

Trust me, I am not a bandwagoner, either.

I have liked Kentucky because my  favorite player went there: John Wall.

Last year, Kentucky was in the National Championship led by the starting five as freshmen, and no one believed they would make it.

I said from the middle of the season they would because I saw all the progress they were making.

Even though they lost, they put up a great fight.

Brad Lauwers, the Dimond High School basketball coach, used to be a college coach.

He knows a lot about the whole college experience.

Lauwers commented that his favorite team is Washington State, not because of the basketball team but the school in general.

Lauwers also said that even though the basketball team is not very good, he will still love them until he dies.

Senior Carlos Diaz is one of Dimond High School’s basketball players, and his favorite team is also Kentucky.

Diaz is excited to see how far the Wildcats will go this year.

Diaz went on to say they are an exciting team to watch.

Hopefully, they stay for another year and play together until their senior year.

I have played sports all my life, and I am now 17. I would say I’ve put in 13 years of my life just to basketball activities alone. Basketball use to be a fun activity but as I got older, it became more of a job than anything.

College athletes today do not get paid for the work and time they put into the sports they play, and that is just ridiculous.

College athletes put more time into their sport than men or women do in their occupations. I do not think people really understand people’s situations when they come out of college.

Most college athletes come out of high school with no job or money.

They go on a scholarship and don’t get spending money with that scholarship.

Even with sports analysis and NCAA administration, they are upset about athletes leaving after one year, “the one and done rule.”

If they got paid they would stay and finish their college education, and get a diploma.

The only reason they leave in the first place is to gain money to support their families and themselves.

I am not saying to pay these kids big bucks like the professionals but pay them a small wage.