Dimond Has Tradition of State Championships

State championships are a lifelong achievement.

Through all the pain, suffering and hard work players are left with a ring, and one of the best feelings players can possibly experience.

However, this is a very challenging achievement to accomplish.

Dimond High school finished with a total of seven state championship in the 2014-2015 school year. Some of the sports that won a state championship in 2014-2015 include: Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Boys Swimming and Girls Flag Football, Riflery, Boys Bowling, and Cheerleading.

Maya Carle, a freshman last year was a part of the Girls Basketball state championship team.

Not only was she a part of the team, but she was Player of the Game in the state championship game.

This was only the third time in Dimond High’s history for winning a state championship in Girls basketball. When asked about what motivated them to win a state championship Carle said, “because we had six seniors on our roster and none of them had ever won state before, we were really determined to win it this year.” Carle also added, “It was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Going into their new season, Dimond High Boys Swimming team is trying to set a record with most consecutive state championships. With 6 in a row already, they’re trying to win the their seventh.

Dimond High Senior and captain of the swim team Jack Hoen has won state all three of his high school seasons, including the one in 2014.

Hoen said, “Out of all three state championships, winning my freshman year was my favorite” and he also included “ it’s nice to know all our hard work paid off.”

When asked about the pressure of continuing the streak of consecutive championships, Hoen said, “There’s more pressure as I get older. The younger kids look up to me”

After losing in double overtime and taking second place two years ago, Dimond Boys Soccer team finally captured a state championship in dramatic fashion.

In the 79th minute, Dimond was rewarded with a penalty kick. Senior and captain Jack Sedor stepped up to take the kick. Unexpectedly, the goalie saved the kick; quickly, Sedor reacted and scored his own rebound.

Not only did they capture a state championship, they beat their biggest rival, South High School in the championship game.

Sophomore now  Derek Stone a member of the championship team, had to say about the win, “watching the team come so close last year [his eighth grade year] but losing, we really worked hard this year to achieve our goal.”

He added,  “South is our biggest rival, and we wouldn’t want to play anyone else in the championship game.”

Out of the 19 people on the Dimond Boys roster, 15 of them were seniors.

When asked about the senior-heavy roster, Stone replied, “Most of them have been playing together for the last 3 years so the chemistry was really good and they were really welcoming to the underclassmen.”

Winning state titles for Dimond High has turned into a tradition.

Even through all their success, sports teams hope to improve each year increasing their state championships.