Alyeska: Long-Anticipated Opening Provides Great Skiing

The long wait for skiers and snowboarders ended Nov. 25 when Alyeska opened the slopes. The seven-month gap was almost too long for the snow lovers to wait.

West Junior Anna Berbeig said, “The conditions are really good for this early in the season. It’s a lot better than last year.”

Alyeska being one of the largest ski areas in the state attracts a lot of skiers and snowboarders.

A lot of people enjoy how nice the ski patrol is and how kind the staff is there.

Dimond junior Lauryn Baldwin said, “The trails are always groomed and it’s usually always snowing in Girdwood, which is awesome for the trails. Everyone loves to get the fresh snow.

“I like to get the fresh snow the night after it’s been snowing all day.”

The only other ski area is Hilltop, and not many people enjoy riding there because the mountain  is so small and the trails aren’t challenging.

Dimond Sophomore Brendon Johnson said, “I have a season pass to Hilltop, but I would rather go to Alyeska. Next year will be better because I’ll have my license, but for now I can keep going to Hilltop every day.”

Most people enjoy going to Alyeska since it provides a bigger challenge and usually has more snow. It also has the black diamond trails, which skilled skiers and snowboarders enjoy.

Dimond Senior Jack Bernardy said, “The season so far is the best it’s been in three years. The snow is nice and fluffy and they opened North Face last weekend.

“North Face is North America’s longest double black diamond run. It’s really fun.”

A lot of people that live in Anchorage have cabins out in Girdwood or they go stay out at the Alyeska Resort.  The Alyeska Resort provides a great stay for the people who enjoy the snow.

Dimond Junior Mariah Devon said, “My family has a cabin in girdwood and we always like to stay out there especially when there is a lot of snow. My three sisters and I love to snowboard.”

The conditions this season so far have been great. During winter break snow is forecasted.

Many people are excited for this winter break since it has already snowed more than the previous year. Usually at this time the snow isn’t as fluffy.

Johnson said, “Last year was pretty bad, but this year looks like it’s going to be a lot better. It’s already snowed more than last year, I’m excited about this break.

“My friends and I are planning to go a lot over the break so I hope it snows more. But, I hope the roads don’t get too icy because then I won’t be able to go.”

Alyeska has over half their trails open and are getting close to being fully opened. The Alyeska website says that 40 out of 76 trails are available for the skiers and snowboarders currently.

Johnson said, “A lot more trails are open now than last year. My friends and I are enjoying the ones that have been opened.”