Players Express Themselves with Sports Hair

Sports hair has taken a social media outbreak in the United States and the entireworld.

Athletes in today’s day in age have very interesting personalities. They use their personalities and express themselves by having crazy or unusual hair.

For example, some soccer players express themselves by having nice combover hair.

Other times for when people have crazy sports hair is when teams make playoffs or state championships. It’s a representation of team unity and shows team chemistry.

Rafa Zavala, a senior football player at Dimond said, “I pretty much have unique hair because I like to show off my personality. People dye their hair or do crazy things to their hair during playoffs or state tournaments because it’s a big event, and it’s a way to show team chemistry, almost like like a family.

“I bleached my Mohawk on my head, and once we made the semi-finals, I bleached the back of the mohawk pink. I wanted my hair to be like Jack Sedor’s hair back when he was a freshman,” Zavala said.

Zavala has a passion for the game and excels in the sports he plays in because of his dedication he has towards them.

James Curro, a junior at Dimond, loves expressing himself through his hair.

Curro said, “I have a short combover in the front and I keep the rest around my head short. It a good soccer hair cut because I don’t like my hair getting in the way of my eyes while I’m playing.

“Even though I haven’t dyed my hair before, I think teams do it because of the effect it has on the team. It definitely screams team chemistry and somewhat can intimidate a team. Dying your hair or doing something crazy is definitely a thing that I would remember when I’m an adult,” Curro said.

Jarod O’Brien is a senior and team captain on the swim team who loves the idea of doing crazy sports hair.

“Jack Hoen and I were in charge of the hair dying this year for the state championships swim meet. Jack dyed everyone’s hair blonde and I was in charge of dying the top of the head pink.

“It’s just a really fun time to hang out with all the guys and team bond. Everyone understands it’s for state, so they are pretty much in good spirits about it. Our coaches love it too. They like the fact we come together as a team and as one. Hopefully, we can come through and win another state championship,” O’Brien said.

Many professional athletes in the world have crazy sports hair to show off their extravagant personalities. Some have unique haircuts because of the type of sport they play. For example, hockey players have the stereotype of having a mullet or flow as their hair. Another hair stereotype is baseball players having short and trimmed up hair.

Whatever sport people play, they will always have unique ways of expressing their attitude or personalities through their hair.