Dimond Grads Take Sports to College Level

Wanting to take your athletics to the next level?  Hear from three different Dimond High school Alumni, and what they have to say about their college sports experiences.

Especially the challenges of how to balance sports and academics, the level of competition and the difference between high school and college sports.

CJ Parker graduated from Dimond High School in 2015, and now attends Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Parker was on the varsity track team all four years of high school and has continued his track career on to college.

He has definitely struggled with the transition, Parker said, “Having to apply myself daily and balancing my social life, classwork, off time, and a sport.”

He also told me how he balanced his academics and sports.

“To help myself balance them I have a journal that I use to write all of my assignments and the dates they are due as well as practice times, volunteering opportunities, and I also make sure to keep in contact with my teammates to assure that I am not missing something.”

Even though it is difficult, Parker enjoys his sport, “Playing a college sport is nice it gives you a good community of people with similar goals.”

Another athlete, Jack Sedor, graduated from Dimond High School in 2015. He played varsity soccer for four years at Dimond High School and was a two time Gatorade Player of the Year. He now goes to Marshall University in West Virginia, where he plays division 1 soccer.

Sedor became very aware of the difference between high school and college saying, “Division 1 compared to Alaska is 100 times different. The speed of play is way faster and everyone is stronger, faster, and more talented.”

The hardest part being, “Keeping yourself at the required fitness level year round while also doing school.”

Sedor also said “Playing a college sport has its benefits but it is extremely hard and time consuming but it pays for school. I have enjoyed it so far.”

Micah Rickard attends Clark College which is a Junior College in Vancouver, Washington. He graduated from Dimond High School in 2016. He was also apart of the Dimond high varsity soccer team for four years.

Rickard is now a part of the Clark Penguins soccer team who play in the Northwest Athletic Association.

Rickard said the hardest part about college soccer is “getting adjusted to the speed of play and new teammates.”  He also said,  “having practice every morning and at least one class a day gets really tiring”

When asked about the difference of competition level Rickard said, “Soccer in Washington/Oregon is way more competitive, speed of play is way faster plus overall better players than Alaska.

Overall, students from Dimond High School that have moved on to college level sports are enjoying the challenge they have pursued their whole life and having lots of fun.