Casey’s Corner: Should the King Walk the Hall?

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Pete Rose is the undisputed all time Hit King in the history of professional Baseball. 4256 career hits to accommodate a legendary career. Just think that in a career than spanned over 24 yards Rose would set records for games played and total bases.

Rose’s career began in 1963, a storybook beginning took place when the Cincinnati Reds visited St.Louis to face the Cardinals.

Stan Musial, Cardinals First Baseman/Outfielder, collected his 3,630 and final base hit in the form of a single up the middle. It rolled past rookie second baseman Pete Rose. At the time, it would seem nearly improbable that Rose years down the road would pass Stan “The Man” for the all time hits mark in the National League and Major League Baseball in general.

As Rose hung up the cleats for a managerial jacket, controversy and rage filled the air when he was accused of betting on baseball. Baseball has had a long history of players that have compromised the game in terms of gambling.

The one unique aspect however, remains that out of all the banned players that have shamingly bet on baseball, the career resume that Rose has accumulated is clearly superior.

He is unlike other notable players who have been blacklisted from induction into Baseball’s Hall Of Fame such as Bonds, Clemens, and Mcgwire, all under the atrocity of performance-enhancing drugs.

Rose’s case has been debated and discussed by fans of all ages and fans of all walks of life. Should the king walk the hall or will he forever remain banished in the depths of confinement and shame?

I firmly believe that Hit King should walk the hall and entrench himself alongside the plethora of greats that call Cooperstown home. It is time that the king finally rules with his people.

Peter Mandel, a counselor at A.J Dimond High for 19 years and an absolute baseball fan, firmly believes that Rose should walk the hall.

“Rose is the all time hit king. I strongly believe that he did not intentionally throw games while he managed in the MLB. As a member of the school district this is where it gets difficult because we push for integrity among high school students, but the case for Pete Rose is different in so many ways.”

Andre Tolliver, security guard and  another longtime employee at A.J Dimond High School, agrees with Mandel about the need for Rose to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

“Pete is the greatest hitter of all time. We will not ever see another Pete Rose. Did he do things that he regrets? Most likely, but Rose is the king and he needs to be acknowledged as the all time hit king.”

Don Winchester, a former Dimond graduate, was adamant about Rose getting into the Hall.

“Pete is a once-in-a generation talent. Baseball honors itself on its history. I believe that Pete truly regrets his actions.”

As a lifelong baseball fanatic, I relish the great game for a wide variety of reasons. Its history is unparalleled to any other sport played in the United States. Baseball embodies America as a nation, and its people.

We all make mistakes, but we are only human. It is time that we as humans and as Baseball fans forgive Pete Rose and induct him into the Hall of Fame where he can walk the halls of Cooperstown as the one true hit king.