Fantasy Football Is Popular at Dimond

Fantasy football has been spreading around the United States and has definitely made its way to Alaska and Dimond High School.

Fantasy football was born in Oakland, Calif., during 1962. The founder was Wilfred Winkenbach. He owned a financial stake of the Oakland Raiders. Now the game he made has grown to 33 million players today, according to Fantasy Index.

Now fantasy football is a group of friends who make a league or join a random league. Then they draft a team of 15 players from the actual NFL.

Each week fantasy players set a lineup of players from the NFL and based on their performance they gain points. At the end of the NFL games, they see how many points their players have earned and hopefully their team gained more points than their opponent.

Wyatt Brown, a junior at Dimond High School, has been playing fantasy football for two years. He doesn’t have the best record, but that doesn’t stop him from coming back each and every year.

Brown said, “The competitiveness of fantasy football keeps me wanting more. The best part of fantasy is getting to draft your own team and build it to be a championship team. Also, it’s a good way to keep in the loop on what’s going on in the league and you get to hang out with your friends.”

Cameron Dolan, a junior at Dimond, has had a great record in his league. He got third place in his league last year and now he wants to get first in the 2016 season. He wants to win his league’s trophy and get bragging rights for the next season.

Dolan said, “ When you get on a win streak you have so much drive not to lose that streak. It makes you want to fight for those wins. Fantasy football isn’t just a game, you have to put a lot of time into your team to start winning. You need to watch the waiver wire and watch out for injured players.”

Dolan added, “ Fantasy football gets so competitive when all of your friends are super competitive people and always want to win. When you win a game you don’t want to stop. You want to win them all.”

Carson Hile, a junior at Dimond, is very knowledgeable about football. He has played football for seven years and has played fantasy for three years.

Hile has had great luck in his fantasy football career with his first year winning first place and winning his league’s trophy.

Hile said, “Football is a great time to watch, and I thought why not make it a little more interesting by creating a league for my friends and I. So now on Sundays I watch the games and watch how the players on my team are doing.”

Fantasy football is a very competitive game, and some think of it as an actual sport. This competitive feel is what keeps people all over the United States wanting more. Everyone wants to win, but only one person can win their league.