Students Voice Opinions on Lamelo Ball’s 92 Points

As the basketball season slowly comes to an end, some games get a little bit chippy. Teams are doing anything to get a win to boost their record to be as good as possible.

Lamelo Ball, from Chino Hills High School in Chino Hills, California scored 92 points this past week on February 7th.

There were many controversial conversations about whether his performance in this scoring outburst of a game was truly impressive or not.

“I was impressed, but I wasn’t at the same time,” said Jenkins.

“You see he was cherry picking and scoring wide open layups, but he also had seven three pointers. Those seven three pointers right there is 21 points by itself.”

“Also, we have played teams with worse defense than the team that Ball was playing against and no one on our team has ever really scored over 20 points,” finished Jenkins.

Jenkins is a captain on the Dimond boys basketball team and he is also Dimond’s leading scorer. He scores around 14 points a game and he shoots the ball a lot.

Considering that Dimond’s best player scores around 14 points a game, I was curious on what other people thought on how Ball scored so many points.

“Well the thing is, Ball cherry picked the whole time,” said Dylan Tufaga, a senior at Dimond High School. “He did not play any defense at all. He would literally wait at half court and just call for the ball once one of his teammates got the rebound and then he would get a wide open layup. Layups are the easiest bucket in the game.”

“If someone were to play defense on him, like me, he would not have scored nearly as many points,” finished Tufaga.

Tufaga is also on Dimond’s boys basketball team and he is a defensive specialist.

Tufaga sparks the defense by taking many charges and stopping people from scoring easy baskets inside.

For someone to score as many points as Ball did, I was curious on how people thought his teammates were feeling on the court.

“I think he was being insanely selfish,” said Kylan Osborne, a senior at Dimond High School.

“He was not helping out his teammates at all on defense and was not passing the ball at all. There was one highlight where there was a player literally standing under the basket wide open with no one even close to him and Lamelo was being guarded by three people with the ball and he just went in by himself and shot a contested layup.”

Osborne is another player on the Dimond boys basketball team who is very good at offense and defense. He is a great overall player.

Osborne works very hard at both ends of the ball and he knows the importance of both sides. That is why he was so vocal about his opinion.

Overall, Ball’s 92 point performance was somewhat impressive, but he was also very selfish.

If he wants to become a great player, he should work on being a better defensive player.