Flag Football Looking Ahead to Playoffs

Dimond High School’s flag football team is currently seven-one with seven wins and one loss.

They started the season out very strong with six consecutive wins against the other high schools, and one loss against their biggest rival the West High school Eagles.

As it gets closer to the playoffs, the Lady Lynx are doing all they can to prepare for that stressful week.

Varsity flag football coach Kathleen Navarre, said, “The defense is similar to years in the past, but the offense was a little slow at first. They started to get better at scoring points like they had in previous seasons.”

With West being the only school that has won against Dimond this season, the team is working really hard to not let that happen again.

Navarre, said,  “The girls are practicing every day and learning from mistakes from prior games to get ready for the playoffs.”

The flag football team is different from the other high schools.

Navarre said, “The number of players we have and the success from past years really attracts girls for the sport and makes the team unique”.

Senior Savanna Wallace, one of the wide receivers on the team, said she has been starting on varsity for the past two years.

She said, “The team is playing good. We were off to a slow start but we started to work as a team and have gotten better each game. Defense needs to work on pass coverage to get better, and offense could work on getting better blocks and completing our plays. That would make us one of the better teams and lead them to the state championship game.” Wallace said

Wallace said her goal is “to win State and walk out with a ring on my finger.”

Senior Megan Luther, who is the starting quarterback for the Varsity flag football team, agrees with Wallace.

She said, “We could work on our pass coverage, and passing the ball more instead of running it would help us get better”.

Luther said the West Eagles are their biggest competition because “they beat us 20-14. They are really good and have a lot of talent on their team. A lot of the players are really fast.”

The flag football team has gotten a lot better over the years. They are learning new techniques and getting better and better at the plays.

Luther said, “We are a lot better than last year, I think when playoffs come in the end, it’ll be Dimond and West playing for State.”

A lot of thoughts are going through the players’ heads as it gets closer and closer to playoff week.

Luther said, “I am nervous and excited for the playoffs, but I’m feeling a lot of pressure being the quarterback. We haven’t won State since I’ve been on varsity. I’m hoping if we all play our best and try really hard, we can win and all walk out with a state ring.”

The playoffs begin Oct. 11 and go till Oct. 15.

Dimond is playing well in hopes of winning the state championship game and taking home a ring.