Alissa Pili Excels as Multi-Sport Student Athlete

Not many girls can palm a basketball with one hand. For that matter not many boys can palm a basketball with one hand. But Alissa Pili can.

Pili has played on the Varsity Dimond girls basketball team since she was a freshman and was awarded Gatorade Player of the Year of 2016-2017 during her sophomore year of high school.

One of Pili’s teammates, Senior Maya Carle, said, “She is an amazing teammate. She always wants the best for her teammates, and she knows how well she has to play for us to be successful and she gives us her all.She makes other teammates want to be better and to strive to play at her level of play.

“She is the best player in Alaska by far, and with how successful our team does she is a clear stand out. She is also the only girl in Alaska who continues to get huge Division I offers and attention from coaches.”

Not only is Alissa amazing at basketball, but she also excels in school.

In order to be selected as Gatorade Player of the Year  a student must have to have good academics as well as excellent athletic talent.

The Pilis’ dedication to athletics is the reason for their success.

Pili comes from a big family of nine. (Six of which live with her including her making it seven.)

Many of Pili’s friends and family believed in her to be Gatorade Player of the Year.

Pili said “ I wanted to be Gatorade Player of the Year and I knew what I had to do to become it.”

Pili found out she was Gatorade Player of the Year on Twitter. The Hudl account tweeted about it, as did many friends and family after finding out.

Pili has gotten many Division I offers from many different colleges around the U.S.

Pili not only is the Gatorade Player of the Year, but she also has seven Varsity letters and six state championships. Two for volleyball, one for wrestling, three for track and field, two in shot put and one for discus- and she’s only a junior in high school.

When it’s not basketball season Pili is playing her other sports and still working out on and off the court to be prepared for her next basketball season.

Pili is also involved in volunteering at the local YMCA helping younger kids with their sports.

One of Pili’s teammates, Jahnna Hajdukovich (who came from Fairbanks), said, “ I think Alissa is a great Gatorade Player of the Year and definitely deserves it. I loved playing against her at my old school because she is a great competitor and I love playing with her now because I know that she always has my back.”

Wherever Pili goes for basketball she gives it her all and plays with heart to support her teammates and make her family proud.