Bowling Is Fun Activity for Dimond Students

The worst sound to hear when you are playing baseball is “Strike!” However, that’s the best sound to hear when you are bowling.

Bowling is a fun activity where one rolls a ball at their target of 12 pins in hopes of knocking every pin down.

While there is much debate about whether or not bowling is a sport, there are many factors that can attest to it in fact being a sport.

Bowlers have weekly practices, teammates and matches. They also have to purchase equipment just like other athletes.

Senior Jacob Peperone who is in his 4th year of bowling, says, “Bowlers have to buy their own bowling balls which can range from $50 to $250,  depending on the kind of ball. Bowlers also have to get their own finger holes drilled into the ball that is measured according to their hand and finger span. Next are the bowling shoes and bags we have to buy. It all costs money. Lots of money, but it pays off.”

Peperone participates on the bowling team for his high school, Dimond High. He claims that bowling looked like something that would be fun and enjoyable, which is how he got started into the sport. He hopes to receive a scholarship to bowl in college.

Dimond’s bowling coach, Karen Pritchard, has been coaching for six years. When asked why she began to coach she said, “I just loved the kids. It’s great to watch them bond through this sport. They have to work together, rely on each other and encourage each other.”

One of Dimond’s former bowlers has even gone on to be a professional. Graduate of class of’ 95, Sean Rash is one of the few people who resided in Anchorage, Alaska, to grow up and become a professional athlete. His specialty is in bowling, having bowled over 300 perfect games in his professional career.

Dimond English teacher and friend of Rash, Kristen Melican asserts, “He’s very happy with the path he’s chosen to take in his life. He’s still bowling to this day!”

In order to stay close to his roots, Rash hosts an annual tournament in his hometown at Jewel Lake Bowl, where it all started for him.

Called the Sean Rash Stars of the Future Tournament, the tournament helps young bowlers with skills and performance.

Senior Emma Hundrup is a fan of Rash. Hundrup is also a bowler and has been bowling since she was 9 years old.

“Bowling is fun but it’s still hard. To be good like Sean Rash it takes a lot of skill and practice. This goes to show how much of a sport bowling actually is,” Hundrup said.

On another spectrum, people who are not on a bowling team still find the sport fun to participate in.

Senior Brendon Johnson said, “I think bowling is great. It’s so much fun. I like bowling with the boys. We get competitive and frustrated when we’re not bowling too well, but it’s all fun and games.”

When asked about his school’s bowling team Brendon said, “I hands down consider bowling a sport and would definitely join a team for it.”