Dimond Students Enjoy Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is an online game based on the play of professional football players fantasy players get points are earned based off the performance of professional players.

For example, when a player scores a touchdown, the fantasy player who owns the player gets six points. The owner would also be awarded for the yards the player gains in play.

Most standard leagues have a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end, defense and kicker.

Players can be drafted, traded and picked up on waivers, much like they are moved throughout the NFL regularly.

Many people at Dimond play Fantasy Football throughout different grade levels.

Many students play together at Dimond High and spoke highly about how it is fun to play together.

Junior Julian Kadem said, “Yeah I like it. It’s fun to talk about the games the next day.”

Junior Dalton Routier said, “I actually really like playing people that I see on a day-to- day basis.”

Routier said, “We can talk about players and trades and I feel like I do better when I ask for a trade in person. It’s easier to do that, as well.”

Both Kadem and Routier both had opinions on how the National Football League has a new following with the addition of Fantasy Football.

Kadem said, “It has brought a new perspective to the National Football League. This is because you see the game from more of a statistical standpoint.”

Routier said, “I think it has! Fantasy [Football] gets a lot of people involved because every week you have to keep up with it and watch the games and see who’s in and who’s out!”

Routier said, “It keeps you on your toes for sure.”

Many Fantasy Football websites have message boards that have the ability to connect people in the same league from all across the nation.

As a result, much of Fantasy Football is centered around pride and smack talking.

Kadem said, “I feel like it’s not too important but it still needs to be there.”

Routier said, “ I actually love smack talking! That’s what I do. Even if my team wins or loses. I do it because sometimes just to get people mad at me and I get in their head, and I love doing that.”

Routier said, “But when I smack talk I usually back it up. I love doing it because that’s just what I do. It’s important because we can just smack talk and it’s all for fun.”

Carter Moore, a junior and a former league winner, talked about how Fantasy Football brings something special to Sundays, especially to Alaska because Alaska does not have a football team.

Moore said, “Fantasy football adds a new element that makes football more exciting. It is especially exciting in the state of Alaska.”

Moore said, “We do not have a team to support, so many people don’t identify with a different team. Fantasy Football generates excitement over choosing and managing your very own team of players. I would definitely say that Fantasy Football drawn in an even bigger following.”

Larissa Parker, a junior, is one of very few women that play Fantasy Football talked about Alaska and football as well.

Parker said, “It has brought more local involvement to the National Football League. I play in a league with my family and it has given us something to talk about. I think people watch more games 24/7 here in Alaska, and in general because of Fantasy Football.”

Junior, Wayne Koelsch and, a former league winner himself, and a die hard Seahawks fan, discussed how he does not just watch Seahawks Football anymore.

Koelsch said, “I watch more of the games because I have a player in the game so there is incentive for me to watch a game I would not watch normally.”