Dimond Volleyball: Second to None

Throughout the past three years no Alaskan sports program has seen as much success as the Dimond volleyball team. According to MaxPreps.com, Dimond holds a regular season record of 38-4 as well as three consecutive state championships under their belts.  

It is very safe to say that these Lady Lynx are second to none.

Returning 10 players from a dominant season just a year ago, the Lynx are a force to be reckoned with.

Should Dimond pull it off, they would make history as one of the only teams in Dimond High School’s history to consecutively win four championships in a row.

However, behind every great team is an even better coach, and in Dimond’s case this is Head Coach Kim Lauwers.

With a total of 29 years coaching high school and UAA volleyball, Lauwers brings unmatched experience.

Senior Libero Reilly Plumhoff credited most of their success to coach Lauwers and said, “Fundamentals are always the biggest focus” to Lauwers.

Lauwers believes that being able to hone fundamental skills in big-game situations are the mark of a great team. But contradicting Plumhoff’s previous statement, Lauwers said that “all the credit goes to the girls” themselves.

“The work ethic of these girls is what sets Dimond apart from other volleyball teams,” Lauwers said.

The Lady Lynx endure a daily three-hour practice and unlike most Dimond goes to work on Saturdays as well.

“Some might question it, but when you put in extra work the results show,” Lauwers said.

Being the best might come with extra work, but it also comes with a loyal fan base and at Dimond this is no exception.

Senior and Spirit Commissioner Cameron Sheldon said, “Dimond loves to bring the energy for the team game after game.”

And while some find big crowds intimidating, Lauwers said, “these girls love the big crowds and embrace them.”

Plumhoff said, “we love the big crowd because they make us want to play better and play harder.”

Lauwers believes volleyball fans should be in for a treat this year as the Lady Lynx look to be “more fast paced than we have ever been before” Lauwers said.

With returning setters and hitters, the game tempo for these girls is expected to be as quick and agile as ever.

As far as the possible fourth consecutive state championship goes, Lauwers thinks it would be remembered for years and years to come.

“These girls, their parents, and these fans will look back and remember it 10 plus years into the future,” Lauwers said.

But the Dimond Lynx are focused on now as the competition this year is as tough as ever.

Plumhoff said, “Teams like Bartlett, Chugiak, and South will be tough to beat this year,” and could give them a run for their money.

“The more and more we win, the more and more  the target grows,” Lauwers said.

Currently, the Dimond Lynx are the only undefeated team in the CIC, but everyone always wants the glory of knocking off the top dog. So the Lynx fully intend to take the season slow and one game at a time.

On the Lady Lynx quest for history they hope to remain undefeated through the focus on fundamentals and the ability to handle big game situations.

Will the Lynx prevail to the big game in November? Only time will tell.

However, one thing is for sure: The run this team has gone on is nothing less than astounding and historic. So matter the outcome of this November’s tournament, their accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Whether it is through the players, their coaches or even Lynx fans, the memory of the Lady Lynx’s imposing dominance will live on forever.