Determined Senior Swimmer Aims High in Athletics, Academics

After breaking his leg freshman year Junior Jacob Mitchell was unable to swim for four months, and was set back in the pool and in school.

Now aspiring for a State championship, Mitchell has his sights set high for the year.

“My goal is for the team to win state. As long as we beat service, this year is a successful season,” he said.

Mitchell knows how past Dimond Swim Team leaders have directed the team in the right direction.

“This season we have some big roles that need to be filled. I want to fill those roles and join some of Dimond’s best swimmers on the record board,” Mitchell Said.

Last year, Mitchell snuck into State in the 100-yard backstroke at 15th place. Later that meet, he finished 13th, improving his time by 0.26 seconds within a week’s time.

Currently, Mitchell is third in the state in the same event, having already improved his time from last year’s championship meet, just halfway through the season.

To join those record-setting swimmers, Mitchell puts in hard work every day.

Senior Connor Walch said, “He follows through with what he wants to do. Whatever he sets his mind to, he does.”

Mitchell said, “Remaining high academic standards is important. Work hard in the classroom, work harder at the pool,” echoing words by many parents of student athletes.

Mitchell has a 4.0 GPA and to keep it up, he will have to achieve good grades in his three AP classes this year.

Balancing homework from AP chemistry, AP calculus, AP language and composition and from his three other classes as well as finding time for extracurricular activities perfectly represents Jacob’s persistence.

As a part of the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) program, Mitchell has been taught and tested in advanced problem solving abilities and complex thinking.

Attempting to achieve the Engineering Cord upon graduation, Mitchell is completing four years of an engineering, math and science class at Dimond. This is just one of the things that will set him apart from his peers on graduation day in almost a year and a half.

Junior Marty Rygh said, “Whenever you have a question, Jacob will always answer it, he never turns you away.”

Another accomplishment to set him apart is the stamp of biliteracy that he can achieve by scoring a 20 or above on his STAMP test. This feat is likely after taking four years of high school French.

Senior Cameron Sheldon said, “Jacob Mitchell inspires me.”

This type of leadership and compassion is what Dimond is really about.

After winning the math competition as a freshman, Mitchell has participated every year since. Also a part of many volunteer and non-volunteer clubs including Green Effects, Key Club and Spikeball Club, he truly is involved in the Dimond community.

Outside of school and swimming, Jacob works out at the Alaska Club for gains in the pool and rides his mountain bike for sport, though he is wary about injuring his leg again. Jacob has worked as a lifeguard for the Alaska Club and Anchorage Municipality, and as an associate at his local Menchies.

It is evident that Jacob serves the community.

From working so many jobs, Mitchell is slowly financing his way to college where he hopes to begin to study medicine.