Alissa Pili Has No Limits

Senior Alissa Pili, a star of Dimond girls basketball, has made her decision that the University of Southern California is where she wants to be next fall.

Pili was offered about 15 full-ride scholarships for basketball all over the U.S., but was limited to only visiting five Division I colleges of her choice.

With this list of scholarships, she said before she made her decision, “I’m waiting to go to all five of my visits before I decide where I want to go.”

The colleges she decided as her top five visits were USC, Arizona State University (ASU), Texas Christian University (TCU), Pepperdine University and Gonzaga University.

Pili ended up visiting USC, Pepperdine and Arizona State, three of her five, before deciding on USC, only about a week after her visit to ASU.

Pili said, “At that point I kinda took everything in and really narrowed things down and chose from there. It was a really tough decision, but my parents really helped me through it.”

Larissa Parker, one of Pili’s teammates on the Dimond basketball team said, “I imagine she was in a lot of high-pressure situations because of her five official visits and it’s really exciting that she came to a decision and she gets to go to school with her brother as well.”

Pili is very appreciative of her family, how close they are and for investing the time and money, so she could push herself to the best she can be.

Pili said, “Regardless of where I would’ve chosen, my family, parents and everyone would’ve supported me in my decision.

She said, “A lot of them are just really happy, because they know I’ll be with my brother and they’re saying how they wouldn’t have to buy any new gear from another college.”

Her brother, Brandon Pili, does attend USC on a football scholarship, but surprisingly Pili said, “A lot of colleges asked me before trying to recruit me if my brother being at USC would have any influence on my decision, but honestly it hasn’t been an influence because I have to find what fits for me and not just because my brother’s down there. I have to make sure it’s a place that I could be happy, where I can thrive and enjoy being there while playing basketball.”

She is still undecided on what she will do academically for her major, but will probably just take core classes.

She will be signing for her final decision to now-known USC on the second of November.

Pili said, “After college, I really want to play in the WNBA and then play overseas because it will be a cool experience just to be traveling and playing the sport I love.”

With nine total championships under her belt during the course of only three years of high school, it is plain to see why she has attracted so much attention toward herself.

She does a wide range of sports from volleyball, basketball, discus and shotput in track and field and wrestling her sophomore year.

She is planning on finishing her senior year strong with four straight championships for volleyball and hoping to break her own records for shotput and discus in the spring.

It does not end there.

Pili is not only an unbelievable athlete, she is also a great person, teammate, family member, singer and student.

Two-year Captain Reilly Plumhoff of the volleyball team said, “She is very humble and always uplifting of everyone. She is a very selfless person who is down to earth and fits in with the team; she does not act like she is better than anyone there and plays with passion. I think that’s what I like the most about her.”

Parker said, “Alissa is committed to what she does, very encouraging and sees the court really well, so whenever you have a question about what’s happening you can ask her because she’s really aware all the time.”

Parker has known of Pili since the seventh grade, but now that they have played on the same team, she been able to get to know her even more and said, “She’s a really good singer and her whole family is athletic and close, so she’s also a really good big sister.”

Along with all of these achievements and capabilities, she has maintained a 3.5 grade point average, allowing her to be on the honor roll at Dimond.

She took Honors classes her freshman and sophomore year, but has eased up on her workload slightly her junior and senior years to focus on dominating on the courts and field.

Because of her abilities in every category, she was nominated as a Princess for the Homecoming Court 2018.

Alissa Pili without a doubt has no limits.

And everyone can’t wait to see what she does with her future.

As Parker said, “I think it’s really awesome that she has confirmed to go and I’m excited to see what she does at USC.”