Athletes Recognized Each Month for Hard Work and Accomplishments

At Dimond the halls are filled with many amazing students as well as athletes.

There are many athletes who have helped the Dimond Lynx to be successful, whether it is on a field, pool, or bar.

Every month two athletes are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments.

For the month of October Tatym Doucet, a sophomore at Dimond, and Breckynn Willis, a senior at Dimond, were awarded the “Athlete of the month” award.

Tatym Doucet helped lead the Dimond gymnastics team to first place last season.

Grayson Doucet, a Junior at Dimond and sister to Tatym, said, “She won State for gymnastics level five and regions for varsity last year as she got first all around.” 

Success however doesn’t just happen for Tatym.

Grayson Doucet said, “She is such a hard worker in everything she does. Not even just sports. 

“If she wants to learn a new skill, she won’t stop until she’s learned it.”

Tatym Doucet is a both a competitive cheerleader and does highschool gymnastics as well.

Gymnastics has been a part of Tatym’s life since around the age of one and she started cheer around three years ago. 

Grayson Doucet said, “If there were a day where she wasn’t able to make it to practice, she would find a way to get there even if it were just for 30 minutes.

 “On the days that she had cheer and highschool gymnastics, she would go to gymnastics early to get her work done and then go to cheer right after.”

Not only is Tatym an amazing athlete, but she is also a great friend and sister.

Emily Taylor, a sophomore at Dimond, said, “ I’ve known Tatym basically since I was born. The times when I went over to her house when I was little are my favorite memories. 

“We would mess around and I would try to do gymnastic tricks, but I was always really terrible. I admire Tatym because she is always ready to laugh and has a great sense of humor.”

Taylor said, “She’s always ready to joke.”

Grayson Doucet said, “She gets on my nerves all the time and we fight a lot, but for the most part we are friends and are always laughing at something when we are together.”

Tatym is the epitome of someone to look up to.

Taylor said, “Tatym deserves to be Athlete of the Month, because she’s worked really hard and does really well in gymnastics. She’s fun to watch.”

Grayson Doucet said, “She is hardworking, stubborn, and determined. I admire how hard she works and when she’s stuck on something or can’t figure it out she doesn’t give up and she’ll work until she gets it.”

Tatym Doucet is everything that an Athlete of the month should be as she is hardworking, strong willed, and driven.

Willis can be described the same way as she has been swimming for twelve years and is a champion in the pool.

Willis said, “I like the team aspect of swimming. My teammates are what help me to keep going when I am having a hard time.”

Willis was part of the Girls State Swim/Dive team who took home the gold.

She is a strong, fast swimmer who is very valuable to the Dimond Swim/Dive team.

Willis said, “My favorite event would be the 100 fly.”

Willis is committed to swimming, and she plans to swim in college.
Dreamer Kowatch a sophomore at Dimond and sister to Breckynn said, “I admire how she is so dedicated to swimming and how she makes a positive influence on people at school and on the team.”

Willis is a talented athlete who also looks to inspire others.

Taylor said, “She works extremely hard and is a natural leader. She’s also great at giving advice.”

While Willis is a competitive athlete, she knows how to have fun as well.

Taylor said, “I would describe Breckynn as hardworking and a great leader, but she is also funny. She knows how to work hard and have fun at the same time. ”

Kowatch said, “My favorite memories with Breackkynn are being on the same team and relays and the countless laughs we have everyday.”

Taylor said, “We dyed out hair for state last year and that was really fun. Also all the times that we were at morning practice getting ready for school were my favorite memories.”

Breckynn being picked for the Athlete of the month was no mistake.

Taylor said, “She deserves this, because she’s worked hard for where she’s at and is an excellent athlete.”

Recognizing the athletes of Dimond High is very important as they represent Dimond as a whole and are too talented to go unnoticed by others.

Tatym and Breckynn not only impact Dimond as athletes, but they are also inspiring others to work hard and to go big. 

Taylor said, “I really admire Breckynn and Tatym.