Soccer Pre-Season Is Underway

One would think the soccer season is right around the corner because the Dimond High School Boys Soccer Team is already on the field training away. However, the official soccer season starts right after spring break. 

A majority of the team members of both boys and girls soccer play year-round. For them, soccer is an important part of their lives.

The Dimond Boys soccer team recently began their pre-season league at the Dome.

Senior and Varsity Captain, Max Keller, said, “Pre-season is basically where each of the schools has a team and we have games against each other.”

The games are once or twice a week in addition to the fitness training the players do in the gym.

Senior and co-captain Raymond Burke said, “For fitness, we usually run sprints, suicides, and other drills that get us super in shape. It’s not always the most fun part of soccer, but it is definitely necessary.” 

Between games, practice and schoolwork, the soccer players have a lot to balance on their plates.

Keller said, “I think pre-season training is very crucial to the success of our team. Getting out there early is important because we need to see how our current team will play together. 

Building the bond with the team early on helps the teams success for the whole season.

Burke said, “Basically the people who participate in the preseason games and training are selected and invited by Max and I. However this does not mean you will for sure have a spot on the varsity team for the actual season.”

The soccer team last year had a couple of exception freshmen who trained and competed with the varsity team. 

One of the talented freshmen, Dakota Matiaki, said, “Pre-season was super beneficial to me as a freshman because I was able to meet the team members and see how we play together.”

There seems to be a lot of incoming talent. Sometimes this is difficult because the players that make varsity as a young freshman do not always get a lot of playing time. 

Mitaki said, “I am looking forward to this season because hopefully as a sophomore I will get more playing time.”

New to Dimond Varsity member Alexis Ruiz said, “This is my first year playing for Dimond. I used to play for West High School’s soccer team throughout my sophomore and freshman year.”

Even though the sport is the same, there are some differences in coaches, practices, and overall dynamics. 

Ruiz said, “The West team’s coach is not actually a coach, he’s just an old player. However, the Dimond team’s coach, Will Lucero is a real coach.”

Since Lucero’s son goes to Dimond, the kids have a close relationship with him. If the team is comfortable around each other, then they play better together. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses help the team connect passes, defend and score goals. 

Keller said, “Building these relationships early on is the best way to prepare for the season ahead. Chemistry is probably the most important part of our team dynamic.”

 During the season, the team building does not stop. Before each game, the team meets at someone’s house and they have a spaghetti team dinner. Having a little bit of fun and stocking up on the carbs is the recipe for a great game the following day. 

Burke said, “In addition to spaghetti feeds, we also have team bonding days where we all get together and hang out. 

This is the seniors last year playing for the Dimond Varsity team and they want to make sure it’s fun and ends in that state championship title.