Sports Are Important, Even During the Pandemic

Everyone has different opinions on Covid and what should be allowed or what should happen during a pandemic. Should stores be open, should kids be going to school and should sports happen?

As an athlete I always think sports should happen. I eat, drink and breathe any kind of sport. With Covid happening, I understand the worry as we do not know a lot about this virus and what it can do to the body long term.

With sports not happening I feel like it takes a bigger role on kids and their mental health and the future that most athletes dream of achieving.

Sports for most people can be an escape, nothing to think and worry about besides the game they are playing. Studies have shown that team sports are a big boost for mental health and can keep kids happier and give them something to look forward to.

Skyler Coleman said, “ Sports have always played a big role in my life, for me sports mean an escape. Escape from everything I have going on in my life, an escape from all my thoughts.”

“When I am playing sports, specifically soccer I am in that moment only thinking about soccer.” 

Sports bring many athletes happiness and just freedom of life.

This fall of 2020, 376 students participated in nine different sports at Dimond High School. With 1,526 students attending Dimond then, that was a good chunk of students that played sports, and that was just in the fall.

To an athlete sports mean everything to them.

As Senior James Zavier Hajdukovich said, “ Everything, I would be so bored without them. It is what I look forward to everyday and they keep me busy and in-shape.With outs sports my life would be pretty dull.”

Sports are also used in the future for many people. I know I plan to play college soccer and without my sport happening, how can I get better and keep my touches up or how can I show college coaches that I am the right person for their team?

Sports are also bigger than just keeping kids busy and active. Athletes can pursue careers in sports and make a life of it.

Athletes can earn scholarship money to help them pay for college. Without sports happening it is a lot harder for athletes to do so.

Sports are considered a lifestyle to many athletes.

 As Vincent Anderson said, “ I define myself as an athlete and it’s all I ever think about and want to do.”

I think with Covid and sports happening safety has to happen, precautions need to be taken to ensure that sports do not make Covid any worse. 

I think sports did a very good job in the fall with making sure everyone’s temperature was taken and kids are telling the truth with their symptoms.

With Covid precautions taken I think sports can safely be played without the worry of an outbreak happening.