Sports Recruitment Has Changed Due to Pandemic

It’s that time of year.

 It’s almost like Christmas for most seniors at the end of May when everyone gets excited and senioritis starts to kick in. 

Seniors are getting excited for that summer leading to the next chapter of their lives.

Seniors continue their passion for many things in college whether it is academics in a certain field or a dream ever since they were little to play in the next level of their sport.

For many people this is achievable through a process that has been complicated in this last year due to our very limiting pandemic. 

Many seniors were still able to accomplish this process depending on their state and restrictions between the coaches and college rules. 

Some have to base their college on the film that they have put together from previous years and hope they look good on film. 

For others it may be a matter of connections that people had with the coach before the outbreak happened in March of 2020, and being able to stay in contact with that coach. 

Vincent Anderson, a senior at Dimond, has his own experience in these times getting into college. 

Anderson stated, “Being in person you get quicker answers and more of a feel for the college, so it was easier than emailing and looking online.”

Anderson got the chance to enjoy seeing the college in person, talking to the college coaches, chatting with the team and having more of an up-close experience with the college.

Anderson will be attending Cedarville University, in Cedarville, Ohio, where he will continue his studies and play soccer.  

Xavier Hadjukovich, a senior at Dimond, talks about his experience in the college process and how he was able to commit.

Hadjukovich stated, “I contacted the coach by phone and email.” 

Hadjukovich also states why he chose his college.

 “I chose the college because they gave me a good scholarship and it was the best place for me.

“Seeing the college was hard due to the covid restrictions, but I was able to see it and make my decision.”

Hadjukovich will be attending Cal-State Eastbay for his studies and continuing his journey with soccer at a higher level.  

With every process being different it makes the path to college easier or harder for some.

Many people who may have committed this year may have never seen their college or met the coach in person. 

Others were able to travel at certain points in the pandemic when restrictions were lifted. 

With that, people may need advice on how they apply and stay connected to the college that they are interested in. 

Anderson stated, “Find an area that you are interested in and start looking for programs you might want to go to. Definitely do the virtual tours and ask questions.” 

Anderson also said, “Start contacting the coaches as soon as possible because you want to be on their radar.”