After 2020 Cancellations, Spring Sports Are Back

Spring sports are back, and the sun is shining. After a devastating cancellation of 2020 spring sports seasons, players are excited and ready to play. 

It is quite clear that spring sports have been missed. As the snow melts, fields are being cleared and players are headed outside.

Senior on the girls soccer team, Skyler Coleman, said “We are super excited and just so ready to get back into it. Also very lucky we have this opportunity despite everything.” 

The Dimond Girls Soccer team are defending state champs, so they are eager to defend their title. 

“Our first game outside is scheduled for April, 24th right now. However, if it clears up sooner hopefully we can get out sooner,” Coleman said.

The Dome has always been a reliable facility for Anchorage sports teams; this year has been especially busy because the snow has taken so long to melt. 

“This year Chugiak and Eagle River moved back into our conference. Having every school, multiple teams, on one field definitely leads to overbooking, not to mention track and field as well,” Coleman said. 

In past years, the track and field and soccer teams have already been practicing outside for weeks. 

COVID-19 has pushed back spring seasons by a few weeks, which has impacted the athletes. 

Adrian Velasco, a member of the Track and Field team, said, “The difference between this year compared to other years is everything is very fast paced since they are trying to fit more meets in this shorter season. I also feel like a lot of athletes are not as prepared or conditioned since the season started a little late.” 

This year has been a struggle for all spring sports; many factors have played a role including COVID-19, weather and lower participation numbers. 

There was a smaller turn out for track and field this year, but that will not stop the Dimond team from competing at the Region Championships this year, which are held at Dimond annually. 

“We will hopefully be outside soon when all the snow melts. Last week was our last week at the dome, but ASD has extended the contract for another week so that hopefully everything melts,” Velasco said. 

Unfortunately, there are no indoor baseball or softball fields here in Anchorage, so that makes it hard for teams to start playing if the snow has not melted yet. 

Cam Rollison, a senior on the Softball team, said, “[Our first game] will most likely be rescheduled or try to make up the game later in the season and try to practice in the meantime.” 

Because Dimond has three gyms, there is plenty of space for soccer, track and field, baseball and softball to all have practice indoors. 

“We have been practicing in the old gym from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. and we have been lucky to secure gym time and space throughout the week in preparation for the season,” Rollison said.

 Unlike softball, baseball players in town are a part of a league called Alaska Legion Baseball, which gives them the opportunity to play after high school season.

Legions is not ASD affiliated, but uses the same school names and players as high school. This gives hope for baseball players if their season is shortened. 

“I’m not sure on why no one has brought this idea of a softball legion, but after high school ends, the comp leagues start up, where the player tournaments throughout the summer against other Alaska teams,” said Rollison.